Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Meet The Victory Chimes New Owners

From the new owner operators of the Victory Chimes, Captain Sam Sikkema and Cara Lauzon
"I would like to introduce myself, to those I haven't yet met, as the new owner of the Victory Chimes and welcome you all back in the coming seasons. My name is Captain Sam Sikkema and I am honored to be the new caretaker of this incredible vessel. Working with me to run the business and joining us for a few trips throughout the season to play music for us will be my partner Cara Lauzon.

I would like to convey what an honor it is that my sea going career has led me to this, having started sailing dinghies on Lake Michigan as a kid with my father. In my career I have been fortunate to sail all around the world and sailed on every ocean in Schooners, Square Riggers, Training Ships, Yachts, Fishing Vessels and Commercial Vessels, as well as worked with Maritime Museums and Shipyards as a Carpenter and a Rigger. Over the years I have sailed as crew in Niagara, Bounty, Sorlandet, Denis Sullivan, Californian, Red Witch, Nina, Robert C Seamans, Spirit of Bermuda, Alabama, Highlander Sea, Columbia, Victory Chimes and the 1841 Whaling Ship Charles W Morgan (where I met Captain Kip, working as his Chief Mate)I have also been Captain of the sailing vessels Friends Good Will, Lynx, Tole Mour, Harvey Gamage, and the Training Ship Picton Castle, taking her across the North Atlantic Ocean four timesOf all the places I've sailed, my favorite place to sail is right here on the coast of Maine!

Cara is from upstate New York and took to the seas when she was seventeen, moving to Maine to work on the Schooner Stephen Taberout of Rockland. She has played violin since she was seven, her wish to travel soon became insatiable and she set out with her fiddle on her back. She has traveled and lived in over thirty countries in the last ten years, playing and touring throughout Europe, South and Central America, the Middle East, and the South Pacific. Her love of the sea was never quite lost and she had several sailing adventures in the South Pacific and other warmer climes. Most recently she was living in Israel studying Turkish music, playing Indie Rock and living by the sea. However there came a point that she “just missed home” so she packed her bags and returned to the states.
As the new owners of Victory Chimes, we hope to offer you the warm hospitality and familiar relaxing vacation you enjoyed before, with a few of our own twists and flavors. We are very excited that our new website has launched, check it out and peruse the 2019 schedule to see what new and exciting things we will be offering. There are quite a few talented musicians sailing with us this year as well as some workshops and wellness trips. All the details will be on the new schedule for you to pore over at your leisure or you can give us a call and we'll tell you all about it.
We can't thank Captain Kip, Captain Paul and Loraine enough for helping us with this transition and wish them well in their hard-earned retirement!
The both of us are truly honored to be the new caretakers of this vessel and hope to bring new life to her while holding true to the authentic nature of the experience you have enjoyed in the past. Please consider joining us for a another trip and continuing on as a link in the vessel's history while she continues her journey into the future.
All the best,
Captain Sam Sikkema and Cara Lauzon
And don't forget;
Check out our new website!
https://www.victorychimes.comKeep an eye on Facebook and our new Instagram page for updates on next season's events!"

Victory Chimes, 
P. O. Box 1401 
Rockland ME,


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