Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Oceanside Lacrosse Falls To Boothbay

Rockland, Maine - Oceanside High School girls varsity lacrosse fell to visitors Boothbay Region High School by a score of 9-11 on Tuesday, May 1st, 2018 at Wasgatt Field in Rockland, Maine.

Lydia Laslavic had 9 saves for her team

Gabby Straka was our high scorer and tied with assists with Kristina Ferguson , each having two.

The score was 5-6 at the half & then we answered back to back goals until the last 9 minute.  Lydia Ross did well on defense today keeping up with one of Boothbay’s fast attackers sharing that duty with Jordan Beal.  Lydia Laslavic had several hard saves today for her team, especially in the crucial second half and that after taking two hits to the helmet.  Our Mariners had possession of the ball in the waning moments of the game but were unable to attack the goal again.

Unfortunately, stats and names are incomplete for Boothbay.

 Oceanside VS Lake Region (Last Friday)

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