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The Rockland Report February 9, 2018

 Met with the General Manager of the Samoset and discussed restroom possibilities on their  property. We are currently thinking of a restroom on a trailer that would hook into the sewer  system. This is a step up from a porta potty and will give the amenities of a public restroom.
 The Community Development Director, Harbor Master and I met to prepare for a meeting with  individuals from Northern Borders and EDA. Norther Borders awarded the City a grant for the fish  pier last fall and EDA we are hoping to write a successful grant to cover our shortfall in the  proposed upgrade to the Fish Pier.
 Reviewed the State Work Plan for calendar years 2018-2020 with individuals from Maine DOT.  The State has listed many projects in the time frame that include paving, culvert replacement and  crosswalk work.
 The budget committee is meeting to discuss the City FY2019 Budget. Huge task ahead of them as we are experiencing a decrease in revenue next fiscal year.


D/C Young –
 Attended a budget committee meeting to work with other department heads to prepare a prosed budget for the upcoming year. This will be an ongoing process for the next few months.
 Continued working with local vendors and the Rockland Fire Department to try and find an affordable way to purchase Narcan for officers to be used as part of their personal protective equipment.
 Met with Chief Deputy Carroll to discuss administrative issues and combined approaches to crime related areas of concern.
 Met with the supervisor of the Mid-Coast Taskforce of the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency to discuss a combined approach to drug related issues in Rockland.

Criminal Investigation Division

Detectives and members of the Patrol Division spent a significant amount of time investigating the stabbing of a Rockland resident.
 Continued working with the Maine Marine Patrol on a large scale fraud/theft investigation.
 Completed equipment maintenance.
 Continued the ongoing processes of restricting the evidence storage room and returning property to the rightful owners.

Patrol Division –
 Provided assistance to Knox County Jail Staff.
 Assisted Probation and Parole with an investigation regarding a drug offense.
 Conducted details at the high school during basketball games.
 Assisted the Department of Health and Human Service with a parent child visitation at their office.
 Assisted the Rockport Police Department with an investigation they were conducting.
 Responded jointly with Rockland Fire / EMS to a mental health crisis.
 Assisted the Knox County Sheriff’s Office with and investigation.
 Officers conducted alcohol compliance checks at businesses in Rockland that serve alcohol. No violations were observed.
 Officers again this week conducted a high intensity warrant search to locate and arrest people living in Rockland that had outstanding warrants for their arrest for various crimes.
 Officer conducted targeted traffic enforcement details at several locations in Rockland. The focus of these details was speed enforcement.
 Officers assisted the Department of Public Services with vehicle removal during the snow storm.
 Officers responded to148 calls for service, investigated 7 traffic accidents and conducted 34 motor vehicle stops. As a result 8 people were either summonsed or arrested for various violations.

Parking Enforcement / Animal Control –
 Issued 48 parking tickets.
 Answered 1 dog at large complaint and 1 animal welfare complaint.
 Mailed 129 dog not licensed warning letters.
 On 01/29/18 volunteered at the Special Olympics Maine 2018 Winter Games.

 Sunday visits continue to increase. Barbara Bibro, who was this week’s Shift Leader said she has never seen so many kids and families in the Children’s Room without a special program or event going on. So, a thank you once again, to the Friends of Rockland Public Library, and the Rockland Public Library Endowment Association, for the funds to staff and keep the facility open on
 We began hosting an ASL Silent Social Hour, where participants are invited to learn the basics of American Sign Language in this nontraditional class, led by Jesse Ellis. It’s a voice-off environment where finger spelling is taught and encouraged. Each week attendants will learn basics for conversational sign, will build language skills through conversing with others, and asking
questions about vocabulary and grammar.
 I sent two policies to the City Attorney for review. One is a photo policy, the other is a revised behavior policy, which staff felt need to be strengthened, in light of a few concerns.
 Peta vanVuuren and I corresponded about this year’s honoring of Eliza Steele by the Rockland District Nurses Association (RDNA), and a request for the Library’s (fun!) participation.
 I attended the Agenda Setting meeting of City Council.
 As part of the City Budget Working Committee, I attended two meetings this week, and participated in the review and revision process.
 After reviewing the “comps shares what they’ve heard so far” document, I shared it with staff. With regard to the Library, we need to do some brainstorming; judging from responses, we still do not have a broad enough reach in letting folks know all the programs we offer here, on a regular
 Staff have been taking appointments for the AARP Tax Preparation Assistance program the Library hosts each year. The organization trains volunteers and offers free tax preparation help to anyone who needs it- with special attention to those who are 50 or older or have low to moderate income. In certain situations, the volunteers may be unable to provide assistance.
 This week, Catinka Knoth’s Adult Drawing class focused on winter scenes; the Children’s drawing class created Valentine's Day cards & papercuts.
 Tuesday evening, we hosted Destination Wellness for a talk: Winter Blues? Find Balance with Yoga and Ayurveda. Excess worry, anxiety, and fatigue increase in winter months. Deborah Keene shared the teachings of Yoga and Ayurveda to help us sort through the best foods, herbs, and lifestyle practices to support returning to balance.
 Sharon Hobson, from One Less Worry, brought tampons and pads for the restroom in the old wing, and women’s room on the lower level. OWL will keep these supplies replenished, for those who need them. We’re so very pleased to be a distribution site.
 The quarterly check/maintenance of the fire suppression system was performed by the Eastern Fire technician.
 Patty King read Nanette’s Baguette, by Mo Willems at South School; she’s a weekly guest reader, as the students there work their way through the Chickadee Award nominated books. Students across Maine vote for their favorite in April.
 For Wednesday Storytime, guest storyteller Jan Zimmerman brought books and shared songs, finger plays, dances, and games. The littles also played with musical instruments which Jan brought, making for a very lively program. Jan will be leading Storytime again on February 14th.
 Like the rest of the non-emergency City Departments, the Library closed early due to the storm, on Wednesday.
 Jessie Blanchard led a tour of the Library to a group of nine students and two teachers from North Haven, and gave a presentation on research resources, which she said was seriously fun; the kids seem to find it helpful, as they then worked on their research projects.
 Katie Drago reports she had 14 at Baby Time Thursday, including many new faces. Our youngest had his first visit with a group of children and watched attentively during every song. Four of our older ladies helped us identify the animals in our story. One of our young gentleman crawled for the first time after Baby Time last week. Today he was able to show off his new skills as he
explored during Play Time.
 Patty met with Theo Orne Bere, from the YMCA, about programming, for when we roll out the Check Out Healthy Living at your Library.
 I met with a committee of the Friends, to make sure that the Open House event was on track.
 Participants at the Creative Art Crew, led by Katie, learned how to make beautiful giant paper snowflakes to decorate their homes, cutting, folding, and gluing a winter wonderland window dressing. The Creative Art Crew happens monthly, and is for all ages and abilities.
 The Thursday evening Community Event was an author talk. Susan St. John discussed To Sail Beyond the Sunset, about the first Outward Bound sea school in the United States, on Hurricane Island, from its opening in 1964 to the present. Susan spoke and showed slides of the experiential education program, including her 30 years as a sea instructor, teaching teen, families, executives, Vietnam veterans, and more.
 Upcoming: Library Open House! Love Your Library; Your Library Loves You
 PLEASE COME to this wonderful free event; it’s the Library’s Valentine to the community! We’d love to have you join us! This is always a wonderful, fun-filled, feel-good event. There’ll be delicious food, music, crafts, and much, much more. There will be door prizes, too, though you’ll need a clear, current Rockland Public Library card to put your name in. Free & open to the public.
 Another scene form last year:

 John attended a meeting of the Rockland Planning Board.
 John attended a City Council Meeting.
 Bill attended a MCEOA meeting in St. George.
 John and Bill attended a Comprehensive Planning Board meeting.
 We renewed 3 Short Term Rental Applications and processed 2 new applications for Planning Board approval.
 John attended a Short Term Rental & Accessory Dwelling meeting.
 Bill did two license inspections, one at 639 Main St. and one at 5 Lindsey St.
 Bill and Fire Department performed a Multi-Unit Inspection at 34 Rankin St.
 John and Bill met with contractors, property, and business owners regarding various proposed projects throughout the city, some of these meetings were in conjunction with the Fire Department and included on-site inspections.
 We issued eight building permits. We issued a permit for a new deck at 38 Pleasant St. Additionally, we issued a Change of Use Permit and renovations at 218 Main St. and residential building permits for renovations on Hill St., Linden St. and Main St.
 We continue to be busy with various other permits, inspections, and assisting the public with questions. The following permits were issued by the Code Office:
 8 Building Permits
 4 Electrical Permits
 5 Plumbing Permits
 3 Complaints

 As stated in my last report, the annual budgeting process is well underway. All information is being directly put into our main system (Munis). This process allows immediate comparative (current and historical) reporting. This week we held a series of initial budget review meetings with all departments. We also put together a budget committee that includes department heads. These folks will be doing an in depth department budget review of all operating and CIP budget
 There was a schedule of budget meetings for Department heads. A few of these were already held on Tuesday and Thursday of this week. One more meeting will be held next week to review all department budgets not yet reviewed. We will also be reviewing CIP requests next week, in preparation to send those out to Council as required.
 Our annual audit process status: We spent the last week answering a few more questions. The lead auditor will be sending us an initial report along with journal entries that need to be made. We will also have a list of questions that will need to be responded to in order to complete their notes.
 I will be attending a Government Finance Officer meeting in Freeport next week. This will provide an opportunity to meet other Finance Directors, etc.
 The General Fund Account cash balance per the bank: $4.9MM.

 Submitted 2017 WPCF CSO Annual Report to Maine D.E.P.
 Finalizing the 2017 Industrial Pretreatment Annual Report.
 Working on the 2017 TIER II Report.
 Working with the Middle School in MSAD 40 for an educational tour of the Treatment Plant.
 Working on finalizing the 2018-19 budget.
 Submitted Industrial Users Chemical Usage Report for December 2017.
 Two staff members continued to attend Wastewater Operator School.
 The lab did TSS and BOD testing for Northhaven treatment plant.
 Power Products Inc. completed the annual preventative maintenance and testing of the backup generators at the treatment plant and pump stations.
 Dye tested a Stormwater pipe on Camden St. to determine the location of the outfall pipe.
 Worked on data entry into the G.I.S.
 Packed and shipped the mainline inspection camera to CUES Inc. for repairs.
 Received the 30% design submission drawings for the South Main St. sewer separation project from Wright-Pierce Engineering for review.
 Used G.P.S. to record the location of a city Stormwater pipe crossing the parking lot at Fuller Auto Dealership on Camden Street.
 Met with the owner of a Main St. property regarding a sewer backup and provided information regarding the location of the sewer service lateral to the property.
 Received a quote and ordered a replacement control cable for the pipeline inspection camera.
 Received an inquiry from a local realtor about city sewer in the area of Fern Street.
 Three employees attended a class at the National Weather Service in Gray, Maine.
 Repaired the piping for the differential pressure gauge on the plant water system.
 Shut down and cleaned the screw conveyor in the trailer loading bay to prepare for the contractor to rebuild.
 Replaced the speed control circuit board in the #2 Belt Filter Press control panel.
 Weekly inspection and testing of the ten pump stations.
 Electrical Installations Inc. completed changes to the monitoring of the emergency overflow at the Park St. pump station to allow it to be monitored and trended by the SCADA system at the treatment plant.
 Steel Pro Inc. completed rebuilding of the screw conveyor in the trailer loading bay.
 Cleared a blockage from one of the pumps at the Glenwood Ave. pump Station.
 Snow plowing and snow removal after the recent storms.
 Interstate Septic cleaned and pumped the wetwell at the Glenwood Ave. pump station.
 Replaced the U.P.S. in the control panel at the Park St. pump station.
 Changed the filters in the aeration blowers.
 Ordered a spare speed control board for the Belt Filter Press control panels.
 Weekly pump station inspection and testing.
 Completed P.M. service on the R.A.S. pumps.
 SOMATEX completed repairs to the overhead crane in the headworks building.

 Over this preceding week, in addition to the response to 75 Fire and EMS calls, conducting apparatus checks, daily cleaning, routine repairs and maintenance to the fleet and of the quarters, the following occurred:
 We responded to a fire at Fisher Engineering that was called in by their monitored alarm company. The fire did cause some significant damage to their equipment and building but they were up and running a few days later. Rockland Fire and EMS had assistance from our mutual aid partners and we were able to extinguish the fire within 45 minutes of the call.
 Trainings were held with some of our mutual aid companies over the past few weeks with a focus on Rapid Intervention. These drills allow us all to refresh on skills needed to rescue a downed firefighter in the event of an injury, illness, or building collapse. Each department relies on one another to perform these life saving measures, and while rarely needed, can make an impact on our survival.
 We are gearing up for our Confined Space class, which will be held early next month. LT Cole put the students through a ropes and knots class last week, which will get everyone at the same skill level of knot tying.
 With a few winter storms that have come and gone, shifts have been out maintaining and shoveling fire hydrants. Big thanks yet again to the select few who take it upon themselves to shovel the hydrants near their homes.
 Chief Whytock has attended multiple meetings over the last two weeks:
o Gordon Page to discuss disaster related issues in the downtown business district.
o Callie Black as part of the Rockland Heart and Soul
o EMA meetings to follow up with fund recovery due to the fall wind storm
o Budget meeting for the upcoming FY19 budget
o Training discussions with outside towns
 Rockland would like to welcome three new call division employees. Ian Smith, J.T Ohare, and Willis Gammon. These three new members will begin call division orientation and hopefully develop into long standing members of our department.
 This office would also like to thank the members of Rockland Professional Firefighters for their sponsorship of a youth YMCA basketball team this year. The kids will play their last game tomorrow and they did an outstanding job this year. What kid wouldn’t want a shirt that says Rockland Fire Department?!?! Thanks for their support, both financially and as team spectators.

 Grants. Met by phone with representatives of US Economic Development Administration, the Northern Borders Regional Commission to discuss the status of the Municipal Fish Pier project and next steps.
 Comp Plan. Identified potential technical assistance resources to aid the Comprehensive Planning Commission in its work.
 Business assistance. Assisted two businesses with contacts and information. Coordinated with a local company on a letter of interest for Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding to help them expand.
 Business prospects. Shared photos of Rockland and Mid-coast winter attractions with a Maine Department of Transportation contractor who markets Maine to the cruise industry, in case they are able to attract a small cruise ship that makes winter calls. Reached out to a company that builds ice structures as a seasonal attraction to see if Rockland might be a location of interest. Assisted two individuals interested in starting businesses in Rockland.
 Public input on harbor proposal. Assisted in planning public input sessions on a concept proposal for Rockland’s inner harbor and potential adjustments to the mooring field if the proposal moves forward.
 Regional transportation. Continued to monitor the progress of Mid-Coast Public Transportation (Waldo County Community Action Partners), who expects to soft launch a Rockland bus service in the latter half of February. On train service, the Board of the Northern New England Passenger Rail Authority has not yet decided on seasonal service to Rockland, pending a show of support
from communities along the route.
 Relationships and resources. Met with local and regional Maine DOT staff on current transportation issues. Spent some time with Maine Department of Labor’s data and DOL research staff looking at what is available for Rockland-specific employment data. Reached out to a commercial real estate manager to learn about available space and prospects. Visited Midcoast Music Academy as a guest of Jake Miller’s “lunch with your banker” outreach.
 Marketing. Midcoast Maine made Lonely Planet’s “Best of the US” list “US destinations you need to see in 2018,” with Rockland described as the “art hub” of the Midcoast – see (Does this make up for USA Today suggesting Rockland is the divorce capital of Maine?)
 Spring hiring fair. The 2018 Spring Hiring Fair will be held on April 18 from 4 pm to 7 pm at South School. We will be working with Rockland Maine Street and the Maine Department of Labor to promote the event.
 Stakeholder suggestions. Recent suggestions received include: the City needs better website content; the City should consolidate its multiple Facebook pages and use Facebook both to share information with residents and to attract visitors and businesses; the City needs marketing materials that describe what Rockland has to offer; the City should consider ways to offer music in the park events, perhaps at Harbor Park; and the City should hire an independent consultant to
assess the economic impact of cruise ships.

 Roads, sidewalk and facility walkways were maintained and treated on 3 separate snow events. 1/30, 2/1 and 2/7 – 2/8.
 Hauled Snow to transfer station snow dump.
 Two separate salt/sand call in’s due to road icing on 2/4.
 Graded and repaired Thompson Meadow Road from thaw/refreeze.
 Frozen drain lines at Transfer Station cleared.
 Cold Patching throughout City.
 Repairs and maintenance at City Hall and Rec.
 Sprucing up shop continues with cleaning and painting.
 Preventative maintenance and replace of wear items on plows.
 Final work on North Pump at Transfer Station.
 Completed Remediation of 9 Rockland St.
 Completed Demolition RFP.
 Completed City Road Acceptance/Petition Form.
 Finalized work on Q2N pump replacement.
 Continued work with Budget Review Group.
 Continued work on Annual Reports.
 Began EPCRA reporting.
 Reviewed alternate plans for Thompson Meadow Bridge.
 Continued work on snow and ice control plan.
 Park and Main Street
 City Manager awarded the C&D disposal contract.
 Garage housekeeping.
 Developed Public Service master schedule for 2018 projects and tasks.
 Provided cost breakdown and estimate for remote solar lighting.

Photos provided by Maine Windjammer Project
The Maine Windjammer Project started in 2007 to preserve the modern history of the Maine Windjammer and to make it available to the generations to come.
This historical archive is available to museums and for historical research.
For more info contact:


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