Friday, January 12, 2018


A Sunday afternoon concert of classic and contemporary Turkish music.

Kittery, Maine - On Sunday, January 21 at 4:00 p.m. The Dance Hall features a concert with Dolunay & Cesni Trio as part of its Global Music Series. Each trio features contemporary and classic Turkish music.

With a musical vision that is at once ethereal and grounded, Dolunay flirts with the soundscape of the ancient Ottomans, tracing its migration through Balkan villages, coaxing it across seas and oceans, and grafting it onto a Brooklyn-based backdrop. The trio infuses classic and contemporary traditions with an urban grit that can only be found in New York City’s confluence of musical and cultural forces.

With an array of original compositions offered alongside renditions of Turkish and Rumeli standards, the music of Dolunay (Turkish for full moon) offers listeners an escape from the press of city life. By the light of the moon, bits of the Rumeli soul mingle with the diverse musical and linguistic influences of members Eylem Basaldi, Adam Good, and Jenny Luna to create a sound world that is uniquely New York.

At turns romantic and elegant, vivacious and playful, the music of Çesni Trio is grounded in the flavors (çeniler) of Turkish makam music while remaining deeply personal and contemporary. The ensemble guides the listener from dove-tailing contemplative melodies to odd-metered tunes that throw caution to the wind. A well placed breath opens the ceiling, an evocative ornament opens the heart.

Tev Stevig- tanbur, fretless guitar, oud, saz
Michael K. Harrist - contrabass, yayli tanbur, ney
Fabio Pirozzolo- darbuka, bendir, cajon, tombak, Armenian dhol

Tickets are $16 in advance and $20 at the door and can be purchased at

Courtesy photo Dolunay

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