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The Rockland Report June 29, 2017

 John spent the end of the month on vacation visiting with his son’s family and sailing on his boat.
 Roxy accepted a full-time position with the Public Services Department, but plans to stay on at the Code Office until a new hire is trained.
 We received one new application for short-term rental of a single-family dwelling which we permitted for a resident-owner-occupied rental at 215 Talbot Avenue. We also permitted another resident-owner-occupied short-term rental of a two-family dwelling at 78 Mechanic Street. Additionally, four single-family dwellings owned by non-residents to be rented as whole-house rentals were permitted at 38 Warren Street, 33 Atlantic Street, 57 Crescent Street, and 42 Fulton Street, all of which had received Planning Board approval.
 The Rockland Planning Board reviewed and approved a site plan submitted by Region 8 Cooperative Board for Vocational Education for Mid-Coast School of Technology, an 89,400 s.f. educational institution at 1 Main Street on June 6, 2017. They denied an application and site plan submitted by Jessica O’Farrell for Lakeview Lodge, LLC, a kennel/boarding facility at 129 Lake View Drive on June 20, 2017. Additionally, they approved two of the short-term rental applications which were licensed this month. They also began the review process for an application and site plan submitted by George Closson for Tire Warehouse to add a 4,185 square foot addition for a tire business at 166 Camden Street on June 20, 2017. They will continue to review the site plan for Tire Warehouse at a meeting on July 18th which will include a site visit and public hearing.
 John and Bill attended Maine Code Enforcement Officers Association Annual Meeting in Bristol.
 John and Bill attended a Community Risk Services meeting at the EMS building in Rockland.
 John attended two meetings of the Planning Board and Bill attended two meetings of the Comprehensive Planning Commission.
 Bill performed nine victualers’ license inspections, a second-hand merchant license inspection, and two lodging house license inspections in conjunction with the fire department.
 Bill performed a monthly City Hall Safety Inspection and arranged for necessary repairs.
 John performed a pre-conveyance inspection of a multi-unit dwelling on Talbot Avenue in conjunction with the fire department.
 Roxy organized, prepared for, and sent out abutters’ notices for two meetings of the Rockland Planning Board.
 John and Bill met with contractors, property, and business owners regarding various proposed projects throughout the city, some of these meetings were in conjunction with the Fire Department and included on-site inspections.
 Bill performed inspection and issued a Certificates of Occupancy, following renovations, for a single-family dwelling on Rankin Street.
 Nineteen complaints were filed. Thirteen of them were regarding property maintenance issues including overgrown vegetation, excessive junk, unsanitary living conditions, property in disrepair, and excess vehicles and machinery. Three of them were regarding unpermitted signs. Two of them were regarding unpermitted work having been done. We remain very busy investigating and following-up on complaint issues within the city.
 We issued twenty-five building permits. A change of use permit with alterations was issued for 475 Main Street which was a barber shop and will now be a restaurant, and another for the second floor of 25 Oak Street which was an office and will now be residential. New sheds were permitted on New County Road and Cedar Street. New fences were permitted on Main Street and Suffolk Street. Demolitions were permitted on Willow Street, Halls Lane, Glen Street, Rockland Street, Cedar Street, West Meadow Road, and Philbrick Avenue. New homes were permitted on First Street and James Street. New garages were permitted on Willow Street and Katahdin Avenue. Decks were permitted
on Autumn Street and Jefferson Street. Renovations and or alterations were permitted on Pine Street, Knox Street, State Street, Linden Street, and Broadway.
 We continue to be busy with various other permits, inspections, and assisting the public with questions. The following permits were issued by the Code Office:
 25 Building Permits
 18 Electrical Permits
 14 Plumbing Permits
 3 Sewer Connection Permits
 2 Sign Permits
 6 Short-Term Rental Permits
 9 Sidewalk Display Permits
 3 Sidewalk Tables & Chairs Permits
 2 Sidewalk/Street Encumbrance Permits
 5 Street Excavation Permits
 1 Driveway Permit

 A common theme between the two, Catinka Knoth’s Adult Drawing class concentrated on Red, White, and Blue; the Children’s class drew 4th of July celebrations.
 I met with a Rockland resident who is writing a more detailed version of his previous book on the history of Rockland, to discuss the Library’s recent role and place in the community.
 Tuesday evening, the Let’s Talk about It Book Group met to discuss Ann Patchett’s Truth & Beauty. This is a free reading and discussion group with copies of books available through the Library. Mary Alice Brennan, a scholar provided by the Maine Humanities Council, led the discussion.
 I attended the unveiling of the new City website, also on Tuesday evening; what an impressive work! The Library will be hosting a series of navigational workshops led by Dave Bell or Nate Davis (or both) to help the community get the most from the and portals.
 Judith Andersen (Miss Judy) entertained about eight kiddos, including two new families, during Wednesday Storytime.
 On Wednesday afternoon, the Makerspace at the Library program, led by Pam Bryer, was a roaring success, with 50 participants (more than twice what we expected!). There’ll be three more of these, and the first three Wednesdays of July.
 Patty King attended a webinar, learning about Outside the Lines, a weeklong international celebration of the creativity and innovation happening in libraries
 Marilyn Trask (former Friends’ Board Member was the guest reader for Storytime at the Farmers’ Market. Once again, Jeanie and Jim Schaden have graciously committed to setting up the tent each week.
 Katie Drago’s new Babytime! had twenty participants this week; it’s only three weeks old, and has grown each week.
 Jessie Blanchard was thrilled to finally receive the packet of goodies to be used for the upcoming Solar Eclipse event! Stay tuned…
 This was also a LEGOS™ Club week; in line with this year's "Build a Better World," theme of the Summer Reading Program, participants built pieces to put on display for the month of July Starting in July, LEGOS™ Club will be held once a month, on the third Thursdays.
 The Thursday evening Community Event was a PBS documentary POV film-- Almost Sunrise follows two friends and veterans, who, in an attempt to put haunting combat experiences behind them embark on an epic 2,700-mile trek on foot across America, seeking redemption and healing as a way to close the moral chasm opened by war. Almost Sunrise captures an unprecedented portrait of veterans — one of hope, potential and untold possibilities.
 Reminder: The Friends of Rockland Public Library are hosting a year-round bottle drive and we need your help! They’ve signed up with CLYNK, the bag-drop bottle return system located at Hannaford supermarkets. It's easy: Get green CLYNK bags at the Book Stop (open Mon-Sat, 10-1) or from the Circulation Desk, fill them with your empty bottles and cans, and drop off your bags at the Rockland Hannaford CLYNK station. Funds raised will go automatically into our Friends of Rockland Public Library account. And please spread the word to neighbors and other community members!
 Upcoming: the second of a new monthly series: Creative Art Crew: Art for Everyone; also a Film Screening: American Challenge: Alone Against the Atlantic, a riveting documentary that tracks seven solo sailors competing in the 1980 Observer Singlehanded Trans-Atlantic Race (OSTAR). Recently deceased Rockland resident Judith Lawson was one of the sailors.

 The Rockland WPCF received the MSGP Certification of No Exposure Certification from DEP.
 The new Environmental Compliance Manager requested the CDX Signatory process.
 The new Environmental Compliance Manager requested Signatory Authority for the NetDMR to acting city manager.
 Notified Fisher Engineering of change in billing as of July 1st.
 Attended Conference call for Lab Water Environment Federation – WEF LPC Committee Meeting.
 Reviewed Significant Industrial Users Wastewater Discharge monthly reports.
 Updated Pen Bay Medical Center wastewater requirements.
 Running a pilot test to create an anaerobic zone in aeration tank 5.
 Received an estimate for the new server for the network at the treatment plant.
 Worked with Sullivan & Assoc. to troubleshoot and repair the control for the #2 effluent hypochlorite pump.
 Interstate Septic cleaned and pumped the wet well at the Waldo Ave. pump station.
 Completed replacement of the valve packing at the Glenwood Ave. pump station.
 Replaced the motorized operator on the ventilation louver in the blower room.
 Completed wiring for the overhead door operator in the storage garage.
 Woodard & Curran tested and reset the computer program in the control panel for the gravity belt thickener.
 Installed a new water strainer for the CSO chlorination system.
 Responded to an alarm at the Waldo Ave. pump station and cleared a blockage from #2 pump.
 Sullivan Assoc. replaced the Hydro Ranger control that operates the influent bar screen.
 Rebuilt 2 spare chemical pumps.
 Weekly inspection and testing of the 10 pump stations.
 Checked the oil levels in the drive gearboxes of the secondary clarifiers.
 Performed startup and testing of the pumping system in the FMC equalization basin which has been off line. Found that one pump had to be replaced and the operating parameters in the variable frequency drives adjusted.
 Investigated an issue with the sewer service lateral to a property on Broad Street.
 Continued entering the locations of sewer lateral connections into the G.I.S.
 Assisted the Harbormaster in locating the sewer lines from the public landing and Harbormasters office.
 Worked with Eastern Pipe Service to cut sewer laterals that are protruding into the city sewer main and restricting access with the CCTV inspection equipment.
 Completed cleaning and CCTV inspection of 2000 ft. of sewer main in the Meadows subdivision on Old County Road.
 Responded to 3 Dig-Safe requests from Maine Water.
 Responded to a complaint of a sewer backup on Atlantic Street. The problem was in the property owners’ sewer lateral.
 Inspected and approved a new sewer service lateral installed on Summer Street.
 Geo Hall & Sons installed a new sewer manhole on Philbrook Ave. @ Camden Street.
 Met with a property owner on Acadia Drive about possible sewer backing up into the basement. The problem appears to be a storm water drainage issue.
 Inspected and approved a sewer lateral repair on Willow Street.
 Geo Hall & Sons installed a sewer service connection on Atlantic Street for a future connection to two properties on Lawrence Street.

D/C Young –
 Completed candidate testing for the open Sergeant position created by the retirement of Sergeant Finnegan.
 Facilitated a City Safety Committee meeting.
 Attended a 1 Park Dr. Association Meeting.
 Attended a substance abuse community update forum.
Criminal Investigation Division –
 Continued background investigations on candidates for employment.
 Assisted the Department of Health and Human Services, Adult Protection Division by executing a search warrant at a residence in Rockland to check the wellbeing of two people.
 Continued to investigate open criminal complaints in Rockland.
Patrol Division –
 Assisted C.I.D. in the execution of a search warrant.
 Checked and locked public restrooms within the city.
 Found an un-locked door at Ocean Side High School. Officers checked the building and then secured the door.
 Conducted foot patrol on Main St. at various times throughout the evening shifts.
 Due to an accident on 06/23/17, the north end of the city was without power for two hours. Patrols in that area were increased until power was restored.
 A pre-scheduled road race came through the city on 06/23/17. This race consisted of teams of runners running through the city all night long. Officers provided assistance to the runners for safety purposes.
 Officers conducted bail compliance checks on Rockland residence that were out on bail to ensure they were in compliance with their release conditions.
 Officers conducted traffic enforcement details at various locations throughout the city. This included Rt. #17 and Main St. The focus of these details was speed enforcement.
 Officers assisted the Rockport Police Department on two occasions this week. One was attempting to locate a vehicle that was involved in a theft and the second was a response to Penobscot Bay medical Center to assist with subject that was causing problems at the hospital.
 Officers responded to 242 calls for service, investigated 3 traffic accidents and conducted 41 motor vehicle stops. As a result 10 people were either arrested or summonsed for various violations.

 Slow start to the summer with the weather and boaters not able to complete annual maintenance as early as previous years, but we are ready when they arrive.
 Completed electrical maintenance on middle pier, repaired floats at public landing, repaired waste water system at the Harbor Master’s building.
 Dinghy dock permits are available for the season as well as boat launch permits for the South End. Please stop by the office if you wish to purchase permits.

 Installed, ditched, removed and cleaned stromwater drainage on Acadia Ave..
 Removed and installed new culvert at Tolman Cemetery.
 Graded parking lot at Chickawaukie Lake.
 Installed 2 hr. parking signs on Limerock Street.
 Work on City Hall door repair.
 City wide cold patch.
 City wide sweeping.
 City wide mowing.
 City wide road side trash pick-up.
 Relocated 2 tables to lake from the ballfield
 Assisted Harbormaster with excavation for new sewer line.
 Delivered barricades for Summer Solstice.
 Water Flowers on going.
 Changed out the York rake to sickle bar mower.
 Fixed Float Block at Chickawaukie Lake.
 Picked up Barricades from Summer Solstice.
 Conducted Beach/ Water Sample at Sandy Beach.
 Replaced pump for septic at Chickawaukie Lake.
 Continued road painting, crosswalks, stop bars, parking spaced (rain has set this schedule behind).
 Cleaned up fish spill at Park and Main St.
 Back filled all gravel driveways after Old County Road North final paving was complete.
 Old County Road final course of pavement was completed.
 Worked on playground equipment.
 Replaced curbing and re-poured sidewalk in front of the wine cellar on Tillson Avenue.
 City wide roadside mowing and bamboo removal.
 Conducted Safety training Lockout-tag out.
 Conducted Safety training Fire extinguisher training
 Conducted Safety training Work Zone Safety and Flagging.
 Replaced waste compactor wheels for hydraulic ram.
 Prepped brackets for banners on Main Street.
 Fixed drainage issue on Old County Road North.
 Worked with Surveyor on the boundaries of Blake Place.
 The ecomaine contract has now been finalized after legal review from both sides.
 Met with John Rodrigue from Maine DOT. DOT is going to assist with the relocation of the crosswalk across from the Brass Compass, making all four corners of the Park Street and Main Street Intersection cross walks ADA compliant as well as synchronize the traffic signals with the pedestrian signals. The City of Rockland Public Services will be managing the project. The project is expected to start in the September timeframe.
 Met with Patrick Adams from the Maine DOT and several members of Council and the Chief of Police to review a pedestrian & bicycle safety program that is facilitated by MDOT. It was agreed that we would participate in the program and begin to develop a list of groups that could help spread the message to achieve the greatest amount of Rockland Community involvement.
 We continue to plan the South Main Street sewer separation project.
 Community members have developed a proposed bike awareness, road marking and signage plan to present to council for acceptance. If accepted the proposal will be presented to DOT for final review and then bicycle lane marking and signage will be put in placed on the Main Street, Union Street and Park Street “Loop”.
 Worked on getting quote for the Kiwanis park and Spear parking lot project.
 Finalized and submitted RFP for annual paving.
 Met with DEP to review the close out of the old Salt Storage Permit and location. The wetland adjacent to the storage area will need some work due to the impact of the many years of salt storage.
 The landfill Schedule of Compliance has now been signed by the DEP commissioner and is complete.
 Work continues of the landfill closure and facility reconfiguration.
 We have met with PC construction the contractor working for TD Bank. We reviewed the installation and replacement of the sidewalk on School Street, Union Street and Museum Street. Public Services will be removing the old sidewalk and Farley & PC Construction will be installing the new paver sidewalk. We are also installing a stormwater line under the new sidewalk on School Street in preparation of future sewer separation. This project is expected to start in the next two weeks.

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