Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Meet The Maine Lobster Festival's 2017 Sea Princesses

Rockland, Maine- Here is your chance to meet this years Sea Princesses.  The 70th Maine Lobster Festival is still three weeks away, but for the sea princesses of the Maine Sea Goddess Pageant this years Lobster Festival is well under way.

Over the next weeks the girls will learn to become ambassadors not only for the Maine Lobster Festival but that they will learn to represent the state of Maine and all that this area has to offer.


After some basic instruction on how to walk on the runway and how to stand and wave, it is time for each of the girls to practice the walk and the wave.  All the things you would expect of a practice for the Sea Goddess Coronation. But there is more, much more. Each of these girls are expected to be able to answer questions about, the Maine Lobster Festival, the lobstering industry, tourism, local attractions, just about anything that concerns the State of Maine. Not only are they expected to learn as much as possible on these subjects, but each girl is required to volunteer at least four hours working on the festival setup.

This is all about creating Ambassadors for the State of Maine, this is about helping the next business and community leaders take their first steps toward those leadership positions.

Following the stage practice there is a question session. The girls introduce themselves and are expected to answer many questions about the festival, it’s history, the lobster industry and points of interest in the State of Maine.

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