Tuesday, July 25, 2017

2017 Sea Princesses Visited Knox Center For Long Term Care

Rockland, Maine- On Sunday the Maine Lobster Festival's 2017 Sea Princesses visited the Knox Center For Long Term Care.  Of all the things we do with the girls leading up the the crowning of the Maine Sea Goddess I think this has to be the favorite.

This is the day each of the girls will meet one on one with the judges.  These meetings will continue till each girl has had a chance to meet with the judges.
In the meantime there is much to be done.

The girls gather at the Knox Center early for a viewing of the film "Buggin" an in depth look at the lobster industry through the eyes of a lobsterman.  After the film it is off to sign the Maine Lobster Festival posters that are given to all the sponsors of the festival.  Can we say writer's cramp, that is a lot of posters!  Once the posters are done the girls create their own bouquets for the Maine Sea Goddess Coronation, which will take place on Wednesday the second of August.

Everyone's favorite part of the day is when the girls have a chance to meet some of the residents and to sing for them.  The smiles on every face tell you that this is a good day.  After singing all those songs that were popular long before these girls were born it is time for lunch, a lobster dinner prepared by the Knox Center's staff.

Following lunch there is time for the girls to design and make bags.  After the bags are done there is just time for some group pictures before the day ends.

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