Friday, June 30, 2017

We can't make this stuff up!

Rockland Maine Police Department
We can't make this stuff up.

Last week, our raccoon whisperer, Officer Addison Cox, wrangled a baby raccoon back into the woods.

The call last night was for a skunk, wandering around the parking lot of an apartment complex, with a jar of peanut butter stuck on his head.

We can't blame the skunk; peanut butter is awesome. If there were a jar of peanut butter big enough that we could get our head in, we probably would, too. But, we have the advantage of possessing hands to remove said jar, while Mr. Skunk does not.

So, Officer Cox to the rescue. Confident that Addison would be compensated for his kind deed with a healthy dose of skunk spray, this was the best pic we were willing to get.

But, apparently Mr. Raccoon had told Mr. Skunk about what a nice guy Addison is. Addison was able to pull the peanut butter jar off Mr. Skunk's head, and Mr. Skunk scampered away without unleashing a drop of spray.

We're a little on pins and needles, waiting for Addison's next animal adventure.

Have a great day all; we'll be out there.

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