Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Westbrook Wins Rockland Community Center Boys Youth Basketball Invitational Tournament

Winner: Westbrook
Rockland, Maine - Seven teams completed during Rockland Community Center annual Boys Youth Basketball Invitational Tournament made up of 5th and 6th graders this past weekend, March 17-19th, 2017 in Rockland, Maine.

Teams that took part were Broad Cove BUCs, Medomak Blue, Five Town Basketball, Thomaston Clippers, Lisbon, Mt. View and Westbrook who made their second appearance at this tournament.

Broad Cove teams members were Landon Benner, Ben Tripp, Dylan Benner, Logan Meklin, Isaiah Meklin, Devin Secotte, Colby Hooper, Nate Thompson and Larry Robbins.

Medomak Blue team members were Connor Light, Landon Trask, Lory Donlin, Colby Staples, Noah Lawrence, Finn Parmely, Matthew Holbrook, Chris Grover, Dylan Dorr and Sam Moody.

Five Town Basketball members were Will Duke, Quincy Messer, Lucas Moody, Owen Berez, Will Smith, McCauslin Lavoie, Weston Deward, Max Well, Avery Laite, Liam O'Dwyer, Owen Reynolds, Alexander Todd and Charlie Pons.

Thomaston Clippers members were Alex Bartlett, Hayden Jacques, Rhys Jones, Zeke Miller, Duncan
Natale, Daniel Butler, Alex Collins and Jack Elwell.

Lisbon members were Chase Mailhot, Danny Levesque, Aidan Parker, Owen Booker, Canaan Cameron, Owen Smith, Levi Tibbetts, Ethan Zylla, Cadan Boone, Jack Ramich, Landon deWildt and Drake St Pierre.

Mt. View members were Aaron Reed, Logan Strout, Josh Hills, Nick Cobb, Anthony Lepore, Noah Hurd, Zack Suitor, Isaac Ellis, Bo Spaulding, Collin Jones, Isaia Hubbard and Wyatt Evensen.

Westbrook members were Aidan Pecoraro, Jackson Young, Jason Shackley, Nick Labrie, Quincy Seavey, Micah Lombardo, Alex Bean, Carter Dow, Carson Dow and Ben Eugley.

During the 2pm-3pm time frame on Saturday there was skills competitions which were passing, foul shooting, 3pt shooting and skills course.

In the championship game Westbrook was able to win the title after playing against Thomaston Clippers, who played great.

Thomaston Clippers were able to win against Westbrook in the game before playing for the title after 2 over times.

Some Game Results:

Westbook VS Thomaston Clippers Championship title game:

Westbrook won the championship title game by a score of 44-22.

Thomaston Clippers scorers were Collins 7pts, Bartlett 2pts, Butler 7pts, Miller 2pts, Natale 2pts and Elwell 2pts.

Westbrook scorers were Young 1pt, Seavey 15pts, Lombardo 2pts, Bean 6pts, Carter Dow 10pts, Carson Dow 4pts and Eugley 6pts.

Westbrook VS Thomaston Clippers Overtime Game.

Thomaston Clippers won this game by a score of 36-33.

Top scorer for Thomaston Clippers was Collins with 16pts.

Thomaston Clippers VS Broad Cove BUCs:

Thomaston Clippers were successful in wining this game by a score of 50-13.

Scorers for Thomaston Clippers were Collins 7pts, Bartlett 7pts, Jacques 6pts, Butler 9pts, Miller 6pts, Natale 7pts and Elwell with 8pts.

Broad Cove BUCs scorers were Tripp 2pts, Isaiah Meklin 6pts, Logan Meklin 2pts, Nate Thompson 2pts and Robbins with 1pt.

Broad Cove BUCs VS Mt. View:

Broad Cove BUCs won this game by a score of 31-28.

Broad Cove BUCs scorers were Landon Benner 5pts, Logan Meklin 2pts, Isaiah Meklin 11pts, Hooper 5pts, Robbins 2pts and Nate Thompson with 6pts.

Scorers for Mt. View were Josh Hills 2pts, Noah Hurd 10pts, Issac Ellis 4pts, Collin Jones 8pts, Isaia Hubbard 2pts and Wyatt Evensen with 2pts.

These are just some of the game results from the 13 games played. Despite the results of the games played, teams still played great.

All game photographs from 10 games covered are available to view, buy by clicking here.
Runner-up: Thomaston Clippers

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