Monday, March 27, 2017

Stop the Struggles with your Kids over Grades: A Workshop for Parents at the Camden Public Library April 10

Lisa Cooley, co-founder of Catalyst Learning Network, will lead a Lunch and Learn session for parents at the Camden Public Library on April 10 at 12:00 pm.

When parents have conflicts and tension with their teens over schoolwork, it’s seen as an ordinary part of the getting their kids through a school. Don’t most families have such conflicts? Isn’t it just a routine part of parenting teens?

Catalyst Learning Network says no.

"Stop the Struggles with your Kids over Grades" is a workshop for parents who seek to improve communication with their kids when it comes to school, grades and priorities. In this workshop, parents who are in conflict with their teens over their middle or high school studies will learn more about this common problem; why the strategies they use to cope with it don’t work -- or, work only temporarily; and how to begin to craft a permanent solution as well as a better relationship with their kids.

In this workshop we'll pull apart the typical struggles parents have with their kids and discover the fears and hopes that lie under the surface.

At the end of the workshop parents will have a better idea of the next steps they need to take to tackle these issues and regain their understanding and supportive families.

They will also have the opportunity to receive ongoing coaching and support from Catalyst Learning Network as they work to make these changes permanent.

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