Monday, March 6, 2017

Islamic Center of Maine: Questions and Answers

Blue Hill, Maine - Omar Conteh, Outreach Coordinator for the Islamic Center of Maine in Orono, will present a talk about the tenets of Islam and take questions from the audience about the Muslim faith at the Blue Hill Public Library on Thursday March 16th at 7:00 PM.    He will cover aspects of the history and background of the Islamic religion, including the “pillars and articles of faith” that the religion is built upon. There will be plenty of time for questions and discussion.

The Islamic Center of Maine was established in Orono in the 1990s to provide a place of worship for all the Muslims in the area, particularly students at the University of Maine, and since then has been involved in interfaith works. They aim to engage all interested parties and promote dialogue and understanding among faith groups and civic groups in Maine. They invite people to share their faith and beliefs, whatever they happen to be, in order promote understanding and tolerance in our communities.

The Islamic Center of Maine is a functioning mosque and community center for the vibrant Muslim community in the Orono/ Bangor area. One of its primary goals is to connect with non-Muslims to increase understanding of Islam and to celebrate connections as neighbors.

This event is sponsored by the library. There is no charge, and everyone is welcome. For more information, call the library at 374-5515.

Caption info: Member of the Islamic Center of Maine

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