Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Citizen Science Turbidity Training on the Union River

What: Citizen Science Turbidity Training on the Union River

Date: Saturday, March 18th
Time: 10am-11:30am
Location: Ellsworth Waterfront Park and Marina, 333 Water Street,

Ellsworth, Maine
Ellsworth, Maine - March 18th at 10am - 11:30am with retired Maine Department of Environmental Protection scientist Dr. Mark Whiting on the Union River in Ellsworth, Maine.

Ecologists, fisheries scientists, and wildlife advocates are concerned about the levels of turbidity in the Union River. In response to this, Downeast Salmon Federation will be hosting a Citizen Science Turbidity Training on the Union River to equip local citizens with the tools necessary to measure turbidity in their nearby river.

Cell phones can now be used as a sensitive scientific instrument to get useful environmental information. A technological innovation at the University of Maine has resulted in the adaptation of satellite technology for cell phones. You can use your cell phone camera and GPS capability to help us collect turbidity data (information about the muddiness of water) that can help Downeast Salmon Federation and local people manage their own lakes and streams.

Essentially, the smartphone is used to collect location information (the sample site), a photograph is taken of a photographic gray card (to calibrate the exposure), a photo is then taken of the northern sky
(to calibrate the camera for the color of the available light), and then a photo is taken of the muddy water. A mathematical formula then uses the available information to determine the probable turbidity and total suspended solids (what scientists need to determine the impact on fish, bugs, and plants). Help us to learn more about turbidity in the Union River by becoming a citizen scientist!

Registration for this citizen science training is required as space is limited. Please contact DSF Membership & Development Coordinator, Heather Andrews, to register for this event at heather@mainesalmonrivers.org or (207)747-2942.

Learn more about all of our events by going to https://mainesalmonrivers.org/events/.

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