Monday, March 6, 2017

Canine Myth Busting: Understanding Dog Logic

Blue Hill, Maine - Blue Hill area dog trainer Whitney Thurston will give the third in a series of presentations on dog ownership and training at the Blue Hill Public Library on Saturday March 18th at 11:00 AM. The title of the seminar is Canine Myth Busting: Understanding Dog Logic.

Are you worried your dog is trying to dominate you? Scared of your neighbor's pit bull? Have you wondered if some breeds are smarter than others or if different breeds need different types of training? Worried that you shouldn't play tug of war with your pup or that you shouldn't use food to train because then your dog will never listen to you without it? Join us for some good, old fashioned myth-busting--we'll talk about these and other controversial topics in the dog world and help you get a better understanding of how dogs think, what they want, and how to co-exist with them in your homes and on your beds.

This is a FREE seminar but also a fundraiser to sustain a pet food pantry at the Tree of Life food pantry, located in Blue Hill. Donations of cash or pet food will be collected at the door from anyone who would like to contribute.

Whitney Thurston is a local dog trainer and owner of Salty Dogs Obedience & Adventure. Whitney specializes in working with fearful and reactive dogs, and is very passionate about building a community on the peninsula of well behaved, socialized dogs, and educated, empowered owners.

This human only event (no dogs please—they already know this material!) is sponsored by the library. For more information, call the library at 374-5515.

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