Monday, February 13, 2017

Maine State Police Ask Commercial Tractor Trailer Units To Stay Off The Interstate

Maine Turnpike at Augusta
****Special Attention Central Maine****
We are asking Commercial Tractor Trailer units to stay off the Interstate if at all possible and get some rest at a Truck stop. We are having multiple crashes resulting in the blocking of roadways and ramps causing traffic to come dangerously to a stop. This is an extra burden to DOT as they have to react to open up the roads at the site of the incident and not conduct their normal plow operations. The snow fall is so heavy that visibility has been an issue staying on the Interstate and we care about your safety. When the storm ends and DOT is back on top of clearing all the roadways we wish you great success with your commercial activity. Until then, we certainly appreciate your cooperation in keeping you and the motoring public safe through this storm.

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