Monday, February 13, 2017

BREAKING NEWS: Waldoboro Grounds Snow Plows Due To Whiteout Conditions

As of 38 minutes ago The Maine Department of Transportation is pulling its plows off the roads in the midcoast, downeast and Bangor areas due to whiteout conditions. 
BREAKING NEWS:...Waldoboro, Maine - According to Waldoboro Police Deparment, Town just grounded all plow trucks due to white out conditions. Please stay off the roads....Be Safe.

If you do not need to be out stay home as we're sure more towns have or will ground their snow plows.

Message from Camden Police Department, Morning all, even thought the Town of Camden may be closed and I have resorted to posting from home does not mean the PD and Fire Depts. are not working. So let's make it an easy day for them by not travelling out at all and being very careful with your wood stoves.

Be mindful of your neighbors and when an opportunity comes about check on them to mkae sure they are ok. Be safe and be smart.

From Maine State Police: We are urging all citizens to stay off roads unless absolutely necessary. The roads are treacherous and visibility is reduced down to only a couple hundred yards at best. There are dozens of vehicles off the road and even plow trucks and cruisers are getting stuck.

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