Sunday, January 29, 2017

HS Boys Varsity Basketball: Medomak Holds Onto Win Against Oceanside

Rockland, Maine - Medomak Valley High School boys basketball team was able to hold onto a win against host Oceanside High School on Friday, January 27th, 2017 in Rockland, Maine. They won by 4 points against Oceanside, 55 to 51.

Game Stats

Oceanside High School

Trevor Reed 2pts from foul shots
Nate Raye 13pts with 9pts coming from three pointers
Sam Atwood 6pts from a three pointers
Mike Norton 19pts with 4pts coming from foul shots
Josef Berger 2pts
Cooper Wirkala 9pts with a point coming from a foul shot

Oceanside High School players are Trevor Reed, Brett Start, Nate Raye, Jack Lombardo, Hunter Davis, Sam Atwood, Mike Norton, Jack Freeman, Coby Dorr, Josef Berger, Cooper Wirkala, Leo Reid, Josh Peaco and Amos Anderson.

Medomak Valley High School

Cale Gee 5pts with 3pts coming from a three pointer
Kyle Donlin 5pts 3pts coming from a three pointer
Brent Stewart 12pts from three pointers
Zidane McMurrin 9pts with 3pts from three pointers, three points from foul shots
Cameron Allaire 24pts with 2pts from foul shots

Medomak Valley High School players are Ryan Creamer, Casey Libby, Cale Gee, Ben Dever, Kyle Donlin, Brent Stewart, Gabe Allaire, Cameron Martin, Zidane McMurrin, Johnathon Luce, Cameron Allaire, Ethan Spear and Nathan Emerson.

Photos will be available to purchase by 9:00pm Sunday at by clicking on portfolio than go to the RCN America Network sports album.

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