Friday, December 23, 2016

Visiting The Holy Sites Of Ireland

Rev. Eva Thompson, a local interfaith minister, will speak at the Camden Public Library on Monday, January 9 at 12:00 noon about how visiting the holy sites of Ireland helped her find peace after her cancer diagnosis. She has traveled to Ireland three times in the three years since being diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Exploring the complex spiritual history of these sacred sites has become a passion of hers, inspiring works of art, pieces of writing, and sermons for local churches. Holy wells were usually sites felt to be sacred to both the local Pagan and Christian communities, leading to layers of tradition and meaning to be built around their histories.

Eva would have to go back about 8 generations to find a single Irish ancestor in her family tree, but married into more solid connections. A resident of Camden for 6 years, Eva dabbles in various art forms and would do more stone carving if chemo would allow. She has been tracing the Irish ancestry of her own and her husband’s families for many years, and found deep connection in visiting their homeland in person.

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