Friday, December 16, 2016

PopTech – "SuperCreativity"

Just in time for holiday break reading! We are pleased to launch our most recent PopTech Edition – SuperCreativity: Designing Experiences in the Age of Creativity. This volume captures an interactive Salon, SuperCreativity, hosted by PopTech and the Microsoft Envisioning Team in September 2016, at NeueHouse in New York.

As part of a multi-year collaborative partnership, our teams have been exploring various aspects of how we work now and into the future. The SuperCreativity Salon set its sights on human creativity. What are the forces that enhance creativity? How do empathy and trust shape the fabric and potential of creative teams? How does the built environment promote creativity? How do we design and leverage new tools and advanced technologies to shift from consumption to creation? What are the ethical frameworks required as human/machine collaboration becomes more common?

Renowned thought leaders David DeSteno and Scott Barry Kaufman framed our conversation, with additional provocations led by Jer Thorp, Kate Crawford, Kati London, Anton Andrews, Aaron Dignan, Adam Day and Christine Congdon – many of whom are longtime members of the PopTech community.

The SuperCreativity Edition provides access to talks, interviews and suggested readings that will be of value to individuals, organizations and corporations committed to enhancing their creative potential in the context of a workplace where information overload, constant distraction and rapidly expanding smart technologies can easily become the antithesis of creative endeavor.

We encourage you to follow our ongoing work and become a collaborator via the SuperCreativity online forum. The first phase of our collaboration can be accessed through the eight-part video seriesThe Changing World of WorkFor additional information, please be in touch via or

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