Thursday, December 29, 2016

HS Girls JV Basketball: Oceanside Secures Victory Against Brewer

Rockland, Maine - The Oceanside High School girls junior varsity team was able to secure a victory against visitors Brewer High School on Wednesday, December 28th, 2016 in Rockland, Maine by a score of 50-44.

Game Stats:

Oceanside High School
Hannah Benner 8pts with 3pts in a three pointer and 3pts from three foul shots
Chloe Jones 8pts with 4pts coming from foul shots
Kalli Grover 6pts in foul shots
Molly Gould 5pts with 3pts coming from three foul shots
Anna Poisson 7pts with 1pt coming from a single foul shot
Sara Dorr 11pts with 3pts coming from three foul shots
Kassidy Robinson 5pts with 1pt coming from a single foul shot

Brewer High School

Jayden Keefe 1pt from a foul shot
Ashley Tanguay 22pts with 6pts from six foul shots and 12pts in three pointers
Jordan Goodrich 5pts with 2pts in two foul shots and 3pts in a single three pointer
Cassie Hillman 5pts with 3pts in a three pointer
Kathryn Austin 5pts with 3pts in three pointer
Brielle Dickinson 2pts in foul shots
Kassi Day 4pts

Oceanside players are #10 Hannah Benner (freshman), #12 Alexis Rytky (sophomore), #14 Chloe Jone (sophomore), #20 Salima Kaluta (sophomore), #22 Grace Desrosiers (sophomore), #24 Lizzie Desrosiers (freshman), #32 Molly Gould (freshman), #34 Franka Pell (senior), #50 Anna Poisson (sophomore), #52 Sara Dorr (sophomore), #54 Kassidy Robinson (sophomore).

Brewer players are #3 Ali Cottrell (sophomore guard), #5 Jayden Keefe (freshman guard), #10 Jaeda Rogers (sophomore guard), #11 Ashley Tanguay (sophomore forward), #20 Cassie Hillman (junior forward), #21 Grace Robertson (freshman guard), #22 Kathryn Austin (freshman forward), #23 Mackenzie Fitts (freshman guard), #24 Brielle Dickinson (sophomore forward), #31 Krystal Baillargeon (freshman guard), #33 Kassi Day (junior guard).

All photographs from this jv game are available to buy at, click on the game album title.

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