Wednesday, December 21, 2016

HS Boys Basketball: Oceanside Freshmen Fall To Lawrence

Rockland, Maine - The Oceanside High School freshmen boys basketball team fell to visitors Lawrence on Tuesday, December 20th, 2016 in Rockland, Maine.

Final game score was Lawrence 52, Oceanside 44.

Game Stats:

Zach Cody 6pts
Alex O'Brien 11pts with 5pts coming from foul shots
Harley Porter 6pts
Karl Ilvonen 2pts
Dustin Cote 6pts with 2pts coming from foul shots
Nick Jones 11pts with 3pts coming from a three pointer
Casey Campbell had 2pts.

Cody V. 4pts
Mike Roy 3pts with 1pt from a foul shot
Ethan C. 6pts with 3pts from a three pointer and 1pt foul shot
Tyler H. 5pts with 1pt from a foul shot
Mackenzie H. 17pts with three of those points coming from a three pointer
Dylan M. 12pts with 6pts from two three pointers and 2pts from two foul shots
Nathan R. 5pts with 1pt from a foul shot

Photographs from this freshmen game will be available at by 3pm Thursday, December 22nd, 2016.

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