Saturday, December 31, 2016

Exhibit: Nesting Dolls

Where: Blue Hill Public Library, Children’s Larchwood Room
When:  Through the end of February during Library hours

Calendar Listing:  Exhibit of Nesting Dolls, from the collection of Carolyn Mor, Children’s Larchwood Cases, BH Library, available for viewing during library hours in January and February.

BLUE HILL, Maine – Blue Hill resident Carolyn Mor will exhibit nesting dolls from her collection in the children’s Larchwood case at the Blue Hill Public Library during January and February.  Nesting dolls are popularly associated with Russia, where they date back to the late 1800’s, but they seem to have originated in China and Japan in the 1700’s.

Carolyn says that her very first nesting toy was an egg made in Italy that she received for Easter as a small child.  It has three eggs nested inside of each other and the 3rd one has a small doll inside—a wonderful surprise for a child.  Carolyn’s nesting doll sets each have a theme; whether traditional Russian dress or fairy tales, each is unique.

The exhibit will be available for viewing during regular Library hours through the end of February. For more information call Libby at 374-5515.

Caption: Traditional Russian nesting dolls.
Easter Egg nesting toy.

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