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Best of 2016: EXCLUSIVE Actor Spotlight: Krista Marie Yu from 'Dr. Ken'

Photo Credit: Shanna Fisher
BY: David Mills, Founder/Editor 
From the state of California comes a very talent young lady by the name of Krista Marie Yu who currently stars as Molly in the ABC series 'Dr Ken' airing Friday nights at 8:30pm. She had small roles in 'Parenthood', 'Cougar Town', 'The Middle', 'Switched at Birth' and 'The Thundermans' among a few others.

Krista Marie Yu is a 2011 graduate of Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Recently our founder/editor David Mills had the opportunity to interview this young lady from her starring in 'Dr Ken' to education and is she passionate about any charities. Here is what she had to say.

When did you start acting?
I always loved to perform. When I was little I was part of a song-and-dance youth group, called Showbiz in Danville, CA. Being a part of the group made me realize the positive impact performing can have on an audience.

Was it your dream to be an actress?
It has always been my dream to be an actress. I still dream of being on Broadway.

Are there challenges pursuing a acting career?
There are many challenges! I think that there are everyday struggles and expectations from the outer world that makes it hard sometimes to remember how important it is to believe in yourself first, before anything or anyone else.

Do you remember your first acting job, tell us about it?
My very first paid acting job was a Toreadorable in the musical Gypsy at a regional theatre near where I grew up. Gypsy has always been one of my favorite musicals so I was very excited to be a part. My very first acting part, was the queen of Africa in my Kindergarden play. I had no lines.

You play Molly in the ABC series 'Dr. Ken'. Tell us about your character?
Sure! Molly is so much fun to play. She is Ken and Allison Park’s 16 year old daughter who loves to test the boundaries of her budding adulthood. She’s smart, fashionable, and totally addicted to her phone.

Are your cast members easy to work with?
My castmates are a dream to work with. They are all positive, supportive, and extremely talented people who exemplify the kind of person I want to be on and off set.

What does fans have to look forward to in future episodes of 'Dr. Ken'?
Funnier and funnier episodes! I personally was super excited for some special guest stars from the hit show ‘Community’.

How does the cast get ready for scenes?
Before our live audience show, the cast gets together and does a ‘speed-through’ in which we run through all the lines of the show very quickly!

Do you have any advice for those wanting to start a career in acting?
To not let anyone tell you ‘you can’t’ or to ‘not try’. Always follow your heart, and believe in yourself, and keep reaching for the stars.

What do you hope your fans can take away from your acting?
I hope that when fans watch Dr. Ken, they can relate to our family. I hope they can laugh along with our everyday chaos and everyday challenges we face.

It's hard to find free time while busy on projects. When you do, how do you spend it?
I don’t have that much free time, but when I can I enjoy cooking. Especially tacos! I also really enjoy going to art and craft fairs!

Do your family and friends support you?
I have an incredible support group, in which I know I wouldn’t be where I am today without them.

Who inspires you with your acting?
Suzy Nakamura, who plays my TV mom, is a huge inspiration to me everyday. She is a phenomenal actress, and additionally a genuine and generous person. I want to be like her.

What do you hope to accomplish with your acting?
I hope to grow more and more everyday, and to be part of a team that brings light to people’s homes when they tune in and watch!

Is it hard for you to remember your lines? How do you remember them?
I practice a lot, and listen intently and trust myself that I can do it!

Are you passionate about any charities, if so, why?
The Always Dream Foundation is one of the charities I am most passionate about. It is a charity that raises money to give better learning opportunities to underprivileged children. Not everyone has the same resources or opportunities to feel inspired to learn. I love what the Always Dream Foundation stands for.

Is education important to you?
I find education very important. My own teachers have taught me so much in my life. I feel so lucky to have learned so much from them.

Do you have any other talents?
I can dance, sing, and play the spoons! Thank you RCN! =)

We thank Krista for taking the time to answer our questions. Tune in Friday night's at 8:30pm EST/PST to see her in 'Dr Ken'. You can follow her on Twitter by clicking here.

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