Thursday, January 30, 2014

Results of 84 Irving Street fire investigation inconclusive

Portland Maine – The Portland Fire department has concluded its investigation into a fast moving 3 alarm blaze that destroyed an Irving St apartment building January 19th.

Captain Keith Gautreau, the lead fire investigator for the Portland Fire Department, states “The cause will be undetermined due to a lack of physical evidence.”

Investigators had made several attempts to gather evidence, but, the damage to the building was so severe that investigators were unable to safely enter the remnants of the building.  

Fire Chief Jerome LaMoria indicates that city officials have “deemed that the building is dangerous and individuals should not enter.  Anyone entering the building does so at their own risk.”  LaMoria also reasserts that working smoke detectors in the building prevented a real tragedy that night.  I can’t stress this enough: smoke detectors save lives.”  City officials continue to work with the owner to ensure that the building and premises meet minimum safety requirements.

The fire was reported shortly after 9:30 PM on Sunday January 19th, 2014 requiring a three alarm response from the Portland Fire Department.   No injuries were reported.

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