Saturday, January 25, 2014

Maine-Raised California Yellowtail

Herring Gut students with Ed Robinson and Tony Barrett of RAS Corp.  
Maine-Raised California Yellowtail Available February 6
On February 6th, Herring Gut Learning Center students will be harvesting and selling fresh California Yellowtail. This fish was grown by RAS Corp. in an indoor system in Franklin, Maine.
The California Yellowtail is guaranteed to be sold fresh, within 48 hours of harvesting. Yellowtail is a popular fish in sushi and sashimi (Japanese name is Hiramasa) and is also delicious when broiled or grilled. The fish were raised in captivity and not given growth hormones or antibiotics. It will be available for purchase whole, gutted with head, or filleted.
Herring Gut students are partnering with RAS Corp. (Recirculating Aquaculture Systems) to help sell their California Yellowtail. Last year, students successfully sold a harvest of Black Sea Bass for RAS Corp. in 24 hours. Ed Robinson, RAS’s Chief Business Officer, and advisor, Tony Barrett, approached the students again this year to assist with the sale. This year, students have been learning how to market and price California Yellowtail.
RAS Corp. is an aquaculture business that is experimenting with growing fish and other organisms in an indoor recirculating system at the University of Maine’s Center for Cooperative Aquaculture Research in Franklin. Herring Gut Learning Center is a non-profit education center in Port Clyde, partnering with public schools to present hands-on classes in aquaculture and marine science.
If you are interested in purchasing California Yellowtail, please contact Herring Gut at 372-8677 or email Alex Brasili at Order now, supply is limited!


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