Friday, January 31, 2014

Bay Chamber Music School Announces 3 Ukulele Group Classes for Spring 2014

Rockport, Maine - Bay Chamber Music School in Rockport is excited to announce  Ukulele Group Classes including a new Youth class, led by ukulele instructor Jeff Weinberger,  will begin the next session in February. The group classes will engage ukulele enthusiasts of all ages; Youth Beginners, Adult Beginners, and Adult Ensemble. Group Classes begin Monday February 24 and Wednesday February 26. . In partnership with K2 Music, students will receive a discounted rate on instruments. For more information on this offer please contact K2 Music.

The new Youth Beginner's class is intended to provide children with a fun, activity-centered musical experience. Students will focus on basic ukulele playing techniques, simple song learning, and engaging musical games.  This 8 week class begins Wednesday Feb 26 (from 4:00-4:45), and is intended for ages 5 thru 12. Cost for this class is $80 plus materials.

The Adult Beginner class involves a song-based curriculum as a vehicle to learn technique, rhythm, and music theory concepts. Basic chords, strums and rhythms will be taught, and repertoire will span several genres ranging from Bob Marley and the Beatles, to country, folk, global and classical music.  Students in the Adult Beginner class will gain basic musical skills and ukulele knowledge. This ukulele class bridges the gap between the informal group lesson setting and more formal private lessons. Expect a fun, non-intimidating, relaxed environment. Ages 12 and up are welcome to participate. A ukulele and Snark tuner are required. This 8 week class begins Monday Feb 24 (from 4:00-5:00). Cost for this class is $80 plus materials.

The Adult Ukulele Ensemble is an opportunity for intermediate and advanced players to play a varied repertoire of ensemble music arranged for multiple ukuleles. It is modeled after the Langley Ensemble, the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain and other groups with an emphasis on group interaction, parts playing, technical challenges, and improving overall musicianship. The repertoire will have a global theme and explore music of many lands. This is a non-auditioned ensemble and is parts will be assigned according to ability: there will be a part for everyone who wishes to participate. The director will supply arrangements and parts, just bring your ukulele, Snark tuner and enthusiasm. The Ukulele Ensemble will perform at the Bay Chamber Music School Odeon Concert on June 1. This 12 week class begins Monday Feb 24 (from 5:30-6:30). Ages 12 and up are welcome to participate. Cost for this class is $120 for the 12 weeks.

Jeff Weinberger, instructor, is a guitarist, ukulele player, and educator who has taught, played, written and recorded music in New England for over three decades. He received his Bachelors in Music from the University of Maine at Augusta and maintains a private teaching practice and a guest teaching position at the Belfast Cornerspring Montessori School. Jeff has recorded his original music with some of the Midcoast’s finest musicians. For more information about Jeff, his Ukulele Group Classes or any of Bay Chamber's offerings, please contact Joan Kulle at 207-236-2823 or visit

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