Sunday, December 8, 2013

Star Of Wonder Aldermere Farm's Beltie Holiday

Beltie Holiday at Aldermere Farm, part of Camden's Christmas by the Sea, is one of the more unique Christmas celebrations and a must for anyone who has children or is addicted to cute!  This years Beltie Holiday was centered around the launch of Paige Pendleton's new book “Star of Wonder” about a Belted Galloway calf born on Christmas eve with a star on it's side.  With illustrations by Thomas Block this book is a must for all the children on your Christmas list.

What a great time to see all the children have a chance to meet and pet Ginger the calf and all the great activities the staff and volunteers at the farm had set up.  What an overdose of cuteness.  I will treasure this visit and look forward to the next time I can make a return visit to Aldermere Farm.

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