Monday, December 30, 2013

BEST OF 2013: Spring At North End Shipyard with Video

Spring At North End Shipyard
by Doug Mills
Mairtime Editor
RCN America Network

With the onset of spring the North End Shipyard in Rockland becomes a very busy place.  Unlike most of the shipyards in the world, this shipyard was created for the care and preservation of historic wooden boats. With nearly two dozen such boats sailing Penobscot Bay this becomes very busy in April and May servicing all of these boats that require much loving care.
Today we find the Stephen Taber on the railway.  She was built in 1871, yes I said 1871.  America had just survived the Civil War and the infamous Dodge City was no more than a sod roofed trading post on the frontier when the Taber was launched.  She has sailed every one of those years and is today still paying her own way carrying passengers on the vacation of a life time, all summer long.

For more information on Stephen Taber or to book a vacation on this historic ship visit:

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