Saturday, December 28, 2013

BEST OF 2013: Nathaniel Bowditch "Swift"

Nathaniel Bowditch at the Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse.
Nathaniel Bowditch

Why sail with us?

"The Bowditch is a "mom and pop" business, or owner operated. If you have questions about the trips or vessel, email or call. You can speak directly to Capt. Owen and Cathie.
The Bowditch has received 2 citations from the US Coast Guard for her seaworthiness. The 21 ton fixed keel ensures stability.
The Bowditch is a deep draft vessel. This allows for good headroom below deck and more open space on deck.
What a joy to be a part of this sail. My husband is an avid sailor and it was wonderful to see him so happy and "at home." The crew was awesome!! The food was outstanding and Paul was so kind to share his recipes and talents."  —Bonnie and John M. Mabank, TX

The Bowditch was built in 1922 as a racing yacht. She is swift especially when going to weather (into the wind).
The Bowditch is a working vessel. We encourage any guests whom are interested to help out in the operation of the vessel. We feel that by participating in the sailing your experience aboard is enhanced. Our professional crew will gladly share their knowledge of traditional sailing arts.
Passenger facilities (heads) are below decks. No need to climb a ladder in the middle of the night unless you want to gaze at the night sky.
Guests rave about the food aboard the Bowditch. Each meal is prepared in the galley by our seasoned cook from fresh ingredients, much from local farm markets. The old cast iron cook stove is the best way to prepare roasts and homemade bread.
What a fabulous week! Incredible weather, great wind, yummy eats and a terrific crew. The crew did a great job educating the non-sailors in nautical terms and providing instructions so that we could all be effective helpers. Happy sailing!
  —Joan, David, and Emma R. West Suffield, CT

Capt. Owen has a 100-ton masters license and has commanded vessels from Newfoundland to the Grenadines.
Double beds or bunks are available, just ask.
We donate to environmental conservation efforts and breast cancer education and research annually.
Join us for an authentic vacation, an experience that will give you a taste of tradition preserved in our decks as well as in our hearts. This is a way of life.

—Capt. Owen and Cathie

Nathaniel Bowditch By Doug Mills
Nathaniel Bowditch

 Warning: Windjamming can become very addictive!

Nathaniel Bowditch

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