Monday, December 30, 2013

BEST OF 2013: The Glass Eye: FIRE!

The Glass Eye: Seeing the world through the lens of a camera.
By Doug Mills

Since the dawn of time fire has warmed a cold night, or given light in the dark.  It has been mans servant to cook his food or to propel him to the moon.  It is,however, not a tame creature.  This same fire that warms a cool fall evening or lights a romantic dinner if turned loose will destroy everything in it's path!  This past weekend I had the opportunity to watch this beast turned loose under the watchful eye of the local fire department.  As a photographer this was the opportunity of a lifetime to watch the beast turned loose on a vacant building.
Every one who has ever tried to shoot at night knows that it presents some interesting challenges,  add to that growing darkness the brightness of an out of control fire and you have a photographers nightmare or the shoot of a lifetime!
Setting the beast loose.

Under the watchful eye of the professionals.
Setting up.

Whenever you are shooting look around sometimes there are some great shots sitting just behind you.

  The Fire Tornado or Fire Devil
When shooting always watch for the unusual.  As I was shooting I noticed the rare Fire tornado, formed by the heat of the fire and the cold air creating a mini tornado of fire.  In forest fire these fire tornadoes can get so strong they can uproot full grown trees!  When I first saw it on the roof I just stood there watching in awe.  I quickly came to my senses and started shooting.  The conditions were so that it spawned at least three of these Fire Tornadoes.

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