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BEST OF 2013: Anqelique "The Angel Of The Seas"

Anqelique "The Angel Of The Seas"
Designed only for windjamming and built for comfort, Angelique is swift, snug, safe. Her deep draft hull and full keel assure maximum stability even in a "blow". Her steel and wood construction combine the 21st-century's highest safety standards and the authenticity of classic 19th-century English Channel and North Sea windjammers plus:
Captain/owner operated
Angelique meets US Coast Guard and Lloyd's specifications for sail vessels carrying passengers
7 water-tight compartments
2 powerful auxiliary diesel engines
VHF radio, radar, loran, and GPS
no smoking is allowed in the deckhouse or below deck

© Ted Dillard
In order that everyone aboard has a wonderful week, Captain Mike stipulates: The minimum guest age is 12. Moderation is expected in the use of alcohol. Excessive drinking is unacceptable among shipmates. In consideration of others, radios should not be brought aboard unless provided with earphones.
Was Angelique built for Maine windjamming?
Yes. Angelique was built in 1980 specifically for the Maine windjammer trade with passenger comfort in mind.
Why the red sails?
Angelique depicts an English fishing trawler (circa 1880) that fished the North Sea. It was common in England to treat sails to make the cotton canvas more resistant to mildew with tallow, tannic acid, and red ocher.

Angelique Specifications:
Gaff Topsail Ketch
Length Overall: 130 feet
Length of Deck: 95 feet
Beam: 23 feet, 7-1/2 inches
Draft: 11 feet
Sail Area: 5269 square feet
Displacement: 142 tons
Passengers: 31
Crew: 7
Angelique Plan
Angelique Deck House Plan
Deck House
Accommodation Plan:
A-Crew Quarters
Forward Passenger Compartment
C-Dining Room
D-Midship Passenger Compartment
E-Engine Room
F-Aft Passenger Compartment
G-Captain's Cabin
H-Deck House
Cabins 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-11-12:
1 Lower, 1 Upper Berth
Cabins 9-10:
1 Double Berth
Cabin 15:
1 Single Berth
Cabins 14, 16:
1 Double Upper Berth

Angelique 2013 Schedule
Angelique at Swans Island By Doug Mills

Angelique's cruising grounds


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