Monday, December 31, 2012

The Best of 2012: Sea Princesses, Practice, Practice, Practice.

By Doug Mills
Rockland, Maine-The pressure is on, only days till these girls will stand before the judges at the coronation banquet. So many details to be nailed down, sponsors, convertibles for the big parade, drivers, hair, make-up, dresses to be tailored. Than it is practice, practice, practice, where to stand, how to stand, how too hold the flowers, how to wave, how to walk. All sounds like basic knowledge till you try to get 18 girls to all do it the same way. It reminds me of an athlete getting ready for the big game, going over the plays over and over till they are perfect.
When director Sharon Lombardo has the details taken care of it is time to practice their introduction and presentation on the stage for the coronation. Each girl will walk out the stage as their biography is read by the MC and wave to the audience. In this practice session the girls are also put on the spot to answer questions that the judges may ask at the Judging Banquet on Friday, “Name 3 of the 14 lighthouses in Knox county.” “Who was the first Maine Sea Goddess?” “How often do lobstermen catch a calico lobster?” “In what year was the first Maine Lobster Festival?” “Name three vessels of the Maine Windjammer Association who sail out of Rockland”. How well would you do on these questions, these girls are expected to know these and much, much more.
On Friday it will not be practice any more as the girls will be in the spotlight during the Coronation Judging Banquet. Time for formal photographs, perfect manners and all the right answers. We wish the girls all the best, you are all winners in our book!
Here is a list of all the past Maine Sea Goddesses:
1st: 1948 - Ruth Roberts Danzig
2nd: 1949 - Signe Swanholm Gardiner
3rd: 1950 - Ann Lord Bonney
4th: 1951 - Barbara Clossey Hedeen
5th: 1952 - Barbara Ilvonen Lindquist
6th: 1953 - Joan Williamson Peters
7th: 1954 - Virginia Ellis Alessi
8th: 1955 - Marjorie Hart Price
9th: 1956 - Arlene Graffam Adams
10th: 1957 - Shirlene Heath Goslin
11th: 1958 - Sandra Patten Wooster
12th: 1959 - Nancy Arey Stone
13th: 1960 - Judith Spear
14th: 1961 - Panela Gay Donhower
15th: 1962 - Sandra Tripp Fallon
16th: 1963 - Janet Blanchard Johnson
17th: 1964 - Nancy Spear Swecker Schwab
18th: 1965 - Susan Ames Speirs
19th: 1966 - Cartha Ann Palmer
20th: 1967 - Elaine Morse Ames
Carlene Howe Cooper
21st: 1968 - Joanne Kinney Kenney
22nd:1969 - Carolyn Graves Knight
23rd: 1970 - Than Thompson Hopkins
Marcella Mace
24th: 1971 - Andrea Fernald Andrus
25th: 1972 - Susan Kenney Black Fuller
26th: 1973 - Sandy Ridgwell D'Agnese
27th: 1974 - Beth Palmer Smith
28th: 1975 - Sharlene Abbott Schwalbenberg
29th: 1976 - Rhonda Levenseler Murphy
30th: 1977 - Diane Thurston Davis
31st: 1978 - Laurie Beth King Moore
32nd:1979 - Megan Clinton Tomlins
33rd: 1980 - Laura Ellen Merrill Church
34th: 1981 - Carol Higgins Mills
35th: 1982 - Kathleen Doyle Plotkin
36th: 1983 - Becky Burgess Siebert
37th: 1984 - Linda Blanchard
38th: 1985 - Shelby Booker Mahan
39th: 1986 - Melissa Mills Post
40th: 1987 - Robin Hatch Murphy
41st: 1988 - Karin Jo Beaster
42nd:1989 - Allison Murray Tufts
43rd: 1990 - Dawn Goss Borden
44th: 1991 - Susannah Mahar
45th: 1992 - Traya Arvidson
46th: 1993 - Sherrie Leino
47th: 1994 - Jennifer Smith
48th: 1995 - Julie Hedrich
49th: 1996 - Sarah Hilchey
50th: 1997 - Elizabeth Earl
51st: 1998 - Melody White
52nd:1999 - Marlayna Marks
53rd: 2000 - Kristin Saunders
54th: 2001 - Maggie Dorothy Johnson
55th: 2002 - Janna Alexa Paige Hynes
56th: 2003 - Caroline Marita Seastrom
57th: 2004 – Genevieve Desaulniers
58th: 2005 – Maggie Machaiek
59th: 2006 – Monica Morrison
60th: 2007 – Megan Ranquist
61st: 2008 – Bryson Cowen
62nd:2009 – Callie MacQueston
63rd: 2010 – Emily Benner
64th 2011 - Kristen Margaret Sawyer

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