Monday, December 31, 2012

The Best of 2012: Sea Princesses Travel To Wiscasset & Knox Center for Long-Term Care

Wiscasset - Rockland, Maine - The last two events for the Sea Princesses took them to Wiscasset on July 19th and Knox Center for Long-Term Care in Rockland, Maine on the 22nd. This article will put the spotlight a little bit of what went on during these two Sea Princesses's events with photographs.

This past Thursday the 19th of July, the Sea Princesses traveled to Wiscasset to get a special tour of the Nickels-Sortwell House. When the Sea Princesses arrived in Wiscasset they were greeted by local leaders of the area including the mayor of Wiscasset. After meeting the local leaders, the girls had a guided tour of Nickels-Sortwell House. Once the tours were finished of the house, they had supper on the barn. Supper was in a potluck style where each girl had to bring something to share.

About Nickels-Sortwell House:

Located on Wiscasset's Main Street, the Nickels-Sortwell House is one of the region's finest examples of high Federal-style architecture. Built by successful ship owner Captain William Nickels, the house epitomizes the brief period when shipbuilding and the maritime trade brought wealth and sophisticated tastes to this coastal Maine village.

Jefferson's Embargo of 1807 devastated the town of Wiscasset, sending it into an economic decline that would last for years. The Nickels family was forced to sell the mansion in 1814, and for much of the nineteenth century it served as a hotel, catering to the growing number of summer visitors to Maine's coast.

In 1899, the house was purchased by industrialist and banker Alvin Sortwell, the former mayor of Cambridge, Massachusetts. The Sortwell family had Wiscasset roots reaching back to the early eighteenth century. They lovingly restored the house over a period of years and decorated it in the Colonial Revival style with fine antique furnishings.

You can read more about the Nickels-Sortwell House in downtown Wiscasset by clicking here. Thank you to the local leaders and to the people at the Nickels-Sortwell House for providing a great evening.

 Sea Princesses Knox Center for Long-Term Care Visit

Following the Sea Princesses travels to Wiscasset for a Nickels-Sortwell House tour on July 19th, they traveled to the Knox Center for Long-Term Care in Rockland, Maine on Sunday, July 22nd. At the Knox Center, the girls learned Etiquette, making their flower bouquets, one on one interviews with the judges and a nice lunch outside that included Lobster and craft time.

 Molly Luce of Luce Transportation held the Etiquette class for the girls.

During that same time another group of girls were busy making flower bouquets for Coronation night. It is interesting seeing them put these together. Sharon L. and a florist helped the girls with putting these together to look beautiful. The girls did a wonderful job with their bouquets along with the help of the Florist and Sharon.

After a wonderful lunch outside the girls had a craft of decorating a bag to their own liking. During this same time, the judges had a few more one on one interviews to conduct. All in all, the Knox Center was a lot of fun as the girls also had time to meet the residence.

Please visit our Facebook by clicking here to view more photographs from these two wonderful events.

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