Monday, December 31, 2012

The Best of 2012: Sea Princesses meet for the first practice for the Sea Goddess Coronation

By Doug Mills
Photo courtesy Michael Whitman Photography.
Rockland, Maine- It is a lot more than a winning smile and perfect hair, more than learning to walk in heels and that “princess wave”  Over and over through the evening it is impressed on the girls that they are ambassadors not only for the Maine Lobster Festival but that they represent the state of Maine and all that this area has to offer.
    The first order  of business is an into from each girl and some basic instruction on how to walk on the runway and how to stand and wave, followed be the MC  reading through each of the girls introductions as the girls practice their walk on the runway and try to get the timing and where to stand right.  All the things you would expect of a practice for the Sea Goddess Coronation, But wait, there is more, much more.  Each of these girls are expected to be able top answer questions about, the Maine Lobster Festival, the lobstering industry, tourism, local attractions, just about anything that concerns the State of Maine.  Not only are they expected to learn as much as possible on these subjects, but each girl is required to volunteer at least four hours working on the festival setup.
    It becomes clear very early on that this is far more than a beauty pageant, This is all about creating Ambassadors for the State of Maine, this is about helping the next business and community leaders take their first steps toward those leadership positions.
    There is a question session near the end of the practice with the girls expected to answer many questions about the festival, it’s history, the lobster industry and points of interest in the State of Maine.
    How to walk, How to wave, How to stand, How to answer all those questions, How to stay composed when inside you are shaking like a leaf, these girls have a lot on their plate.  It takes dedication and hard work for these girls, who most of them have jobs and other obligations to perform as well.  So if you know one of these girls or have a chance to meet one be sure to thank them for what they are doing to promote  the State of Maine and all it has to offer.

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