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The Best of 2012: Sabrina Carpenter Singer/Songwriter/Dancer/Actress Musician Spotlight

As 2012 draws to a close we look back on some of our "Musician Spotlight" features from this past year.  Our fourth "Musician Spotlight" features Sabrina Carpenter, whose style of singing is Pop / R&B / Pop Country. Sabrina who is only 12 years old has a very bright future in the Music industry and one to watch in 2013 . This feature on Sabrina Carpenter was posted on February 17, 2012.

Musician Spotlight: Sabrina Carpenter Singer/Dancer/Actress

East Greenville, PA - Our newest "Musician Spotlight" is on a very talented young lady who has a beautiful voice. We are pleased to feature Sabrina Carpenter in this newest "Musician Spotlight". Sabrina is being featured as she has a beautiful voice for a young, talented, 12 year old from Pennsylvania. Our hope is for you to learn more about this young singer, who is also a actress and dancer. 

Sabrina Carpenter is a 12 year old Pennsylvania native, who is the youngest of three sisters. Miss. Carpenter has already set a path for where she wants to be in actress & music icon.

Sabrina started her journey at the age of two by following in her older sister’s footsteps as a beginning ballerina. It didn’t take long before Sabrina was filling her bedroom with trophies in multiple forms of dance.  As her passion and skill in dancing flourished Sabrina surprised her family and friends after discovering her unique vocal talents. At the age of seven, Sabrina began to sharpen her natural abilities with professional vocal lessons; and at age nine, she entered a national singing contest hosted by Miley Cyrus in which she placed 3rd out of 10,000 entries. After the contest Sabrina was interviewed by a local TV station and she ended the interview by saying “I hope someday to have my own show, and that little girls will be playing my music at their parties and sleepovers.” Her musical goal is now closer than Sabrina may even realize.

Sabrina’s budding acting career started in local theater and it wasn't until she was introduced to her current managers Bill Perlman and Darci Price (Perlman Management Group/PMG) in summer 2010 that her acting took a turn from the stage to television.  After several auditions, Sabrina landed her first acting role- a Guest Star on “Law & Order SVU”.  In less than a year’s time Sabrina’s acting career has vaulted to another stratosphere when she booked a series regular role on a Disney Channel pilot and recorded a small role in the movie “Noobz”. She has recently done some voice over work on the hit animated series Phineas and Ferb and recently filmed a national commercial for “Miracle Whip”. She also just booked a reoccurring role as a princess on the new Disney animated series “Sofia the First”.

Sabrina has established herself as a true triple threat.  Her vocal talents certainly have not gone unnoticed.  Her own YouTube channel showcasing her music already has over 600,000 views and nearly 6,000,000 upload views.  She was excited to be flown to China to sing in China’s largest television New Year’s Eve Special broadcast to over 200,000,000 viewers!  Sabrina’s management team has now announced that Stan Rogow (Lizzie McGuire/Hillary Duff) and Elliot Lurie (veteran music supervisor) will join PMG to assist with Sabrina’s music career.  On days off, Sabrina loves to spend time with her family and friends, just being a kid. 

We feel Sabrina will have a really successful career with her singing,, acting and dancing. Sabrina's style of singing is Pop, R&B and Pop Country that sounds great. Some of her songs you may heard are "Fall Apart", "Make You Feel My Love" and "Catch My Breathe". It without a doubt that Sabrina is on the road to being a triple threat with her singing, acting and dancing.

Additionally, Sabrina knew from a very early age that entertainment would be her career path. It started in dance and music but once she started acting that pretty much "set the stage" for where she wanted to end up. She is very focused on her acting  currently but is still very active with her music. Some exciting things are happening behind the scenes with her music and in the entertainment business we are finding that determination and patience are necessary to survival.

Sabrina's ultimate goals are to land her own TV series and also star in some feature films but she also desires to tour the world and share her gift and love of music.

What message Sabrina has for those wanting to get into singing? "It takes a lot of hard work, determination and a real passion for what you want to do; but I guess you can say that for any thing in life. I live by the phrase ""Make your vocation your vacation"" which someone once told me! That just means love what you do and do what you love and you'll never have to work a day in your life" :] says Sabrina.

Now, we want to share with you all videos of Sabrina singing and a list of her sites below.

Sabrina's official site where you can stay up to date on her are listed below.

Official Website:

We want to say that dreams can come true if you have the drive, support, love and passion to make them come true. Sabrina, even thou only 12, has a very bright future ahead with her beautiful voice, acting as she has a project in post-production and dancing. Keep up the wonderful work Sabrina as you are going places. Those we feature in our "Musician Spotlight" have bright futures ahead with their singing, songwriting and instrument playing. Our mission is to promote them, get their name out there and to be heard.

Rocky Coast News is pleased to have Sabrina Carpenter as our latest "Musician Spotlight", where we highlight, promote up and coming musicians that have amazing vocals, sound, style and/or who are able to play an instrument well singing.

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