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The Best of 2012: Kayla Stockert of New York Musician Spotlight

As 2012 draws to a close we look back on some of our "Musician Spotlight" features from this past year.  Our second "Musician Spotlight" is Kayla Stockert, whose style of singing is not topical of most as she sings mostly oldies and retro inspired pop . Kayla is a great Singer that has a very bright future in the Music industry.. This feature on Kayla was posted on September 27, 2012.

Musician Spotlight: Kayla Stockert of New York

Today, we bring you an all new "Musician Spotlight" featuring a young 15 year old Singer from Long Island, New York. The Singer we are featuring today is Kayla Stockert, who loves to sing oldies like "Brand New Key" and "I'm So Young". Kayla has great vocals and singing a genre that we nowadays forget. Most Singers sing brand new material and don't re-invent oldies for today's audiences.

Kayla has been performing oldies music since the age of 9. Now at 15, making the transformation of Kayla Starr, Doo Wop Princess to Kayla Stockert, Singer/Songwriter. Working with the The Como Brothers, her new songs are contemporary, sprinkled with an retro vibe. Her latest EP,

"Castles In The Sand", is due to come out this Fall. The first song off this EP, "Don't Go Messing With My Heart" is available for download now follow this link It should be stated that the first song "Don't Go Messing With My Heart" was co-written with The Como Brothers.  The Como Brothers wrote the other two songs "What They Say" and "Your Love" on Kayla Stockert's EP.

Kayla has performed the Dunkin Donuts Center RI, Apollo Theater, The Friars Club, Nikon Jones Beach Theater Side Stage, and many other large venues along side many of her musical inspirations. A Finalist on Fox TV's The XFactor, and MSG Varsity Talent Show was the highlight of 2012. Fortunate to win a listening session at Sony Records in NYC in affiliation with Sound & Image Showcase Kayla was named "Global Emerging Artist". In 2011, Kayla was 1 of the handful picked out of 40,000 kids to audition for a show called Majors & Minors, although she didn't make the final cut the experience was invaluable.

Kayla has performed sing for Simon Colwell, Demi Lovato and L.A Reid. Spent time with Connie Francis, and shared the stage with Johnny Maestro & The Brooklyn Bridge, Gloria Gaynor, Donny Most from Happy Days, Lovin Spoonful and many other Doo Wop legends!

While not performing, she is a normal teenage girl who enjoys the piano, song writing, texting, shopping, cooking, makeup, XBOX and Geocaching. Kayla is constantly involved in childhood cancer organizations and events, volunteering wherever they need her. She lends her voice to Songs of Love, an organization that creates personalized CD'S for children facing tough medical conditions. She is also a huge advocate for any animal organization! Kayla loves to visit nursing homes to share her gift with people who truly appreciate it!

Kayla, when did you start singing?
I always liked to sing but when I turned 9 I started performing.

Was it your dream to be a singer? 
Ever since I could talk I've wanted to be a singer.

Tell us about your taste in singing?
I was always inspired by oldies - probably because my Dad listened to oldies a lot.  I like harmonies, instruments, jazzy/retro sounds.

Are there challenges being in school and pursuing a singing career? 
The biggest challenge has been getting the support of kids from my own school.

Does your parents and friends support you?
My parents and brothers are so supportive of me.  We are a musical family (well not my Mom but she does other stuff).  Without their support I probably would just be singing in my room for fun.  They believe performing to be a real aspiration.  My close friends are supportive, but honestly I don't talk about it much because if I ever do make it big, these friends of mine will always be around me and I always want that friendship.

Do you write your own songs?
I have a lot of ideas and have been trying to write songs.  I finally sat down with my Aunt and The Como Brothers and we pieced together lyrics and music and came up with "Don't Go Messing With My Heart" a song co-written by me and The Como Brothers that is on my 1st EP.

If so, tell us what goes into writing a great song?
I know it sounds like a Cliche, but you have to experience something big that has impacted your life and be able to tell it in a song.

Where was your first performance, were you excited?
It was at a car show.  They heard that I sing oldies and asked me to sing.  That was how it all happened for me. I would wear a poodle skirt and sing Connie Francis songs (my favorite) Frankie Lymon songs (my other favorite) and lots of others.

Where have you been able to perform?
I think I have been really lucky to be able to sing at fairs, carnivals, car shows and open up for real oldies shows (with people like Johnny Maestro, Jay Siegel & The Tokens, Gloria Gaynor and so many more.  I also had the chance to sing at the Apollo which was REALLY cool and the Friars Club in New York City.

Who inspires you with your singing and songwriting? 
Besides the obvious (50's singers), I am really inspired by Gerard Way who is the lead singer from a band called My Chemical Romance.  He has taught me not to listen to the negative people in your life and work even harder proving them wrong and working towards your dreams.  I am also inspired by Taylor Swift, Adele and Amy Winehosue.

If you could perform anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
Any colisium filled with thousands of people who are there to see ME :)

Along the same line, who would you love to perform with?
I would want to perform a duet with Taylor Swift.  She is one of the only true, positive role models in the music industry for kids.

What are some of your goals for your Music?
I want to continue to write more original songs, I want to continue to keep the retro sound in my music.  I wand to continue to work with the Como Brothers and collab with many more talented musicians.

What do you hope to accomplish with your singing/songwriting?
I want my songs to inspire.  I want my songs to be famous and I want to travel the world!

Kayla, do you have any advice for those wanting to start a career in singing and songwriting?
Do it and don't give up.  Its actually really tough sometimes because the people you expect to give you the most support are sometimes the people who give you the least.  I have had people following me on my web pages since I was 9 and they have been supportive of my career, and I haven't even met most of them.    Kids should video tape themselves singing, do something different, or be somebody different and just keep promoting yourself.  Just don't ever try to be like any one else.

Is there anything else you want our readers to know about you, your singing/songwriting?
Its kind of weird how I actually started singing.  One thing constantly lead to another thing and I have had the most amazing opportunities from auditioning for a show in California, to recently getting to meet Simon, Demi Lovato and LA Reid in Providence for the Xfactor auditions.  I know that my Mom works hard on my web pages and my dad is the one always setting up my equipment without the love and support of them it wouldn't be possible.  I hope that some parents do see my experience and know that I am a normal kid and school does come first but singing can be a reality.

Last question, tell us about some of your songs?
My songs aren't like anyone else.  They have a retro sound to them.  I want other kids my age to relate to them as well as older people enjoying them too. I couldn't have gotten this EP Castles In The Sand out without the help of the Como Brothers.  I co-wrote "Don't Go Messing With My Heart" with them and then they wrote "What They Say" and "Your Love" for my EP.

Give Kayla's songs a listen as you will fall in love with her style of singing as it is different from most Singers nowadays. You can listen to a few of her songs by going to the following site. We feel Kayla has a bright and wonderful career ahead of her.

Kayla's Official Websites:
Official Site

Rocky Coast News is pleased to have Kayla Stockert as our latest "Musician Spotlight", where we highlight, promote up and coming musicians that have amazing vocals, sound, style and/or who are able to play an instrument well singing.

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