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The Best of 2012: Jackie Evancho Musician Spotlight

As 2012 draws to a close we look back on some of our "Musician Spotlight" features from this past year. The first one is our "Musician Spotlight" is Jackie Evancho, whose style of singing is not topical of most as she sings classical. Jackie is an amazing Classical Singer. This feature on Jackie was posted on Labor Day.

Amazing Classical Singer Jackie Evancho
On this Labor Day we bring you an all new "Musician "Spotlight" featuring 12 year old classical singer Jackie Evancho. This 12 year old has an amazing voice for someone her age.

When Jackie Evancho first sang for the judges on NBC’s variety show “America’s Got Talent,” there were

viewers who were so shocked by her beautiful singing they were thoroughly convinced she had to be lip-synching. How else could you explain how such a perfect soprano voice could come from a child?  During her next appearance in the competition, the judges asked their 10-year-old contestant to improvise a tune. She performed flawlessly, came in second place and her soon-to-be legendary career was launched.

It wasn’t just her musical gift and her age that astonished the AGT audience. It was her presence, poise and her charm that also made them take notice – “You’ve got the whole package,” AGT judge Piers Morgan explained.

“She is a prodigy; they break the rules by definition,” wrote music critic Andrew Druckenbrod in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette after seeing a then-11 year old Jackie perform to a sold-out crowd in her hometown in October, 2011. “[Her] voice mesmerizes.” She has become one of the performers who has been defining the “crossover classic” category of singers – those who are equally comfortable with Puccini or pop.

Jackie is 12 now and her career has exploded since her AGT debut.  Almost immediately after the competition ended, Jackie signed with Columbia Records and began fulfilling her dream.  New opportunities and extraordinary experiences keep presenting themselves. Most recently, Jackie has tried her hand at both acting and modeling. She will make her acting debut in a Robert Redford-directed film “The Company You Keep” coming out later this year. Additionally she was selected by GUESS owner, Paul Marciano, to star in the Fall 2012 GUESS Kids clothing campaign, which will be unveiled late summer 2012.

Jackie has participated in the lighting of the National Christmas Tree in Washington, D.C., where she sang – and delighted – President and Mrs. Obama. And two months later she again performed for the President and Congressional leaders during the National Prayer Breakfast.

In early 2012, Jackie was selected to travel to Russia to perform in front of 100,000 people prior to the opening of the St. Petersburg Economic Forum.  Jackie, representing the United States, was honored to sing with two opera stars, Dmitri Hvorostovsky of Russia and Sumi Jo of Korea.

Jackie’s fan base also extends to Japan, where she was invited to perform for the Royal Family at the Imperial Palace. She tours regularly with the Tokyo Philharmonic to sold out venues. 

Her U.S. shows are sell-outs as well and have been taped for broadcast on PBS for the Great Performances series. Jackie’s first PBS special was one of the top pledge producing performances in PBS’ history.  When PBS aired Dream With Me In Concert during the latter half of 2011, it instantly became one of their most broadcast programs of the year and was used extensively during pledge drives.

She was asked to do another show for the Great Performance series in 2012:  Jackie Evancho: Music of the Movies which features Jackie singing classic songs from movies as diverse as “South Pacific” (Some Enchanted Evening), “Titanic” (My Heart Will Go On) and “Cinema Paradiso (Se). It premiered in August on PBS stations around the country and will be rebroadcast in the months ahead (check local listings). To cap off her exciting year, Jackie has recorded her third album, Songs From The Silver Screen, which will be released on Oct. 2.

“I have had so much fun and done so many challenging things this year. But while I really enjoyed all the traveling and the acting and had such a great time posing in all those great clothes for GUESS, my singing is still the thing I love the most,” said Jackie.

In little more than 2 years, Jackie’s unique, gorgeous soprano has won her millions of fans and her recordings have dominated the music and DVD charts. Her warmth, charm and poise have helped her gain the support of legendary music producers like David Foster and filmmakers like Robert Redford. Billboard Magazine named Jackie to their list of music movers-and-shakers under the age of 21 because her “spellbinding, operatic vocals possess a power and poignancy that often moves listeners multiple times her age to tears.”

Jackie’s debut EP, O Holy Night, was released in November 2010; it became the year's #1 best-selling debut recording with sales exceeding 1 million copies and earning her a platinum certification. 

In June 2011, Dream With Me, her first studio album was released. A mix of operatic arias, show tunes and pop standards, it debuted on the Billboard Top 200 chart at #2 and was certified Gold after only four weeks of release. Heavenly Christmas, was released in November 2011 and became one of the top-selling holiday albums of the year.

Jackie’s beauty and poise attracted attention from more than just the recording industry. Legendary actor/director/producer Robert Redford cast Jackie to play his daughter in the upcoming thriller “The Company You Keep,” which will be released later this year.

“I am so happy that Mr. Redford picked me to be in his film. And I am excited to learn from performers that are amazing at what they do,” says Jackie, who will be part of a star-studded cast that included Susan Sarandon, Shia LaBeouf, Terrence Howard, Anna Kendrick, Nick Nolte and Stanley Tucci.

Looking back, Jackie says her desire to perform was born after her family saw the film version of “The Phantom of the Opera” when she was just seven years old. “We went to see it in the movie theater. It was very, very good,” Jackie told Pennsylvania television station WPXI.

The film made such a lasting impression on Jackie that the showstopper “Music of the Night” was the first song she selected for Songs From The Silver Screen.

It’s not the sort of dramatic tune that other pre-teen singers would pick to record. While they are limited to pop tunes, Jackie understanding of classical phrasing and her perfect pitch and diction allow her to tackle difficult music that is far beyond the ability of her peers.

We here at Rocky Coast News had the chance to ask this amazing young singer questions about how she got started to her career goals.

- Jackie, when did you start singing?
I really started when I was 8 - I went to see the movie of Phantom of the Opera and came home and started singing the songs from the film!  It had a very big impact on me and still does today.
- Was it your dream to be a singer? 
After I saw the movie Phantom of the Opera, it definitely was.
- Tell us what got you into being a classical singer and are there challenges? 
I never really wanted to be a pop singer like all my friends. I always wanted to be my own self. When I started singing, the sound I made fit better in the classical crossover style. For me I’m able to put more emotion into the classical crossover style of music more than any other style so I guess this is the style of singing that moves me the most.
- Do your parents support you?
Yes, they are a huge support.  My mom has coached me a lot as well as having singing teachers.  Music has always been a large part of who my family is, including my extended family.
- Where was your first performance, were you excited?
My first performance was in front of my extended family at a party but my first performance in front of people I didn’t know was at a regional singing competition. My big break came from AGT though.
- Where have you been able to perform? 
I have performed all over the US and also performed in places like Russia, Japan and the UK.
- Who inspires you with your singing? 
Many people inspire me - obviously singers like Sarah Brightman, and Andrea Bocelli who sing in a similar way to me.  But I also love pop music singers- Lady Gaga being one of my favorites.
- If you could perform anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
I would like to sing for the Pope someday because I believe that my singing is a gift that I’m able to share with the world.
- Along the same line, who would you love to perform with? 
I would like to perform with many singers - it's always nice to share the stage.  Lady Gaga would be awesome. 
- What are some of your goals for your music? 
It's always to sing the best I possibly can and to give the audience my best.
- What do you hope to accomplish with your singing?
I hope to touch people with my style of singing. Not just adults but kids too. I want to show everyone that music is beautiful no matter what style of singing it is.   
- Do you have any advice for those wanting to start a career in singing? 
My advice would always be to work hard, stay focused and never give up the dream… you always have to believe in yourself.
- Is there anything else you want our readers to know about you, your singing/songwriting?
That in addition to singing I also recently made a film - I play Robert Redford's daughter in a movie called 'The Company You Keep'.  Acting is also fun and something I love doing!
- Last question, how was your trip to Japan and what were your experiences? 
It was amazing!  I did a concert with the Tokyo Philharmonic and also visited and performed in Hiroshima for a Peace concert.  I love Japan!

Jackie has an amazing gift of singing to share with the world. It is worth for everyone to keep an eye and ear out for this 12 year old classical singer for great things. If you want to learn where Jackie will be performing than head over to or

Rocky Coast News is pleased to have Jackie Evancho as our latest "Musician Spotlight", where we highlight, promote up and coming musicians that have amazing vocals, sound, style and/or who are able to play an instrument well singing.

We here at RCN America see Jackie Evancho having an amazing 2013 as she is a wonderful Classical Singer that has a very bright future ahead. Stay tuned as we look back to some of the "Musician Spotlight" features from this past year.

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  1. Thank you so much for the thorough and informative article about Jackie Evancho. She is certainly an artist worth noting for her incredible vocal talent but also for her lovely persona. Jackie is a terrific example for our youth but also people of any age. If you get the chance to see Jackie live in concert, by all means do it. It will be an experience you will not forget. Thank you again for the wonderful article.