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Malese Jow Covers Nationalist Magazine's January Issue

Actress Malese Jow covers the January issue of Nationalist Magazine.  You can find her Nationalist feature by clicking here. Malese looks beautiful on the January cover of Nationalist Magazine.

About Malese Jow:
Creative, intelligent, dynamic, innovative, and driven are just a few ways to describe Malese Jow. The Nickelodeon teen pop star has become a role model and teen sensation who has developed a burgeoning Hollywood career and shown herself to be in total control of her future. A media darling who is refreshingly honest, focused, and amazingly positive, Malese is true to herself, and stands for what she believes in her heart. In a world where people constantly want to change you, Malese relies on her family for guidance and support. The young girl from Tulsa, Oklahoma with a dream has developed into an actress, songstress, and entertainer who has maintained her image as a real girl who is the epitome of today’s girl next door. With her Nickelodeon run on
the hit show “Unfabulous” ending after 3 successful seasons, Malese is now ready to move into the next stage of her career and is ready to take the music industry by storm.
The desire to make her music and acting respectable is what drives Malese, who has viewed performing as her life's passion since she was a young child growing up in Tulsa. Malese first developed her vocal and performance skills at charity benefits and local talent competitions. At 7 she gained valuable stage experience when she was chosen to sing with Rodney Lay and the Wild West, a group of retired country musicians from the television show “Hee Haw,” where she opened for such legendary acts as Brenda Lee, George Jones, Ty Herndon, Ray Price, and many others. Soon thereafter, the head of McDonald's advertising heard Malese's voice, and offered her the opportunity to appear in several world-wide McDonald's/Disney television commercials and radio jingles.

In 2002 an opportunity opened up for Malese to compete on Ed McMahon's "Next Big Star" where she won 4 rounds in the kids category against stiff competition that included “American Idol” alum Lisa Tucker and Idol winner Katherine McPhee (in the adult category). This was a learning experience for me," exclaims Malese, "and it only made me more passionate to continue my pursuit of acting and singing.” Her vocal abilities and charismatic crowd appeal left an impact on Ed McMahon, and he personally invited her on tour with his variety show later that year. As she continued to develop as an artist, Malese began to focus more on her acting career, and by the fall she had landed the starring role of funky and fashionable “Geena Fabiano” for Nickelodeon's hit show “Unfabulous,” which airs worldwide on Nickelodeon and The N. She has also starred in the live-action adaptation of “Bratz -The Movie,” playing the role of “Quinn.” She also had a guest starring role on Disney’s show “Wizards of Waverly Place” as “Ruby Donohue.” In other entertainment realms, Malese was recently featured as the subject of a back-to-school editorial for “Sweet 16” magazine as well as a featured model for the annual issue of “Teen Hair Magazine.” She also stars in “SP Untitled,” an internet-based pilot show sponsored by Cadbury Candy Co. and shown online at

Malese recently embarked on her newest venture as a songstress/songwriter and signed a development and production deal with Sphere Productions, headed by PJ Bianco, a talented producer/songwriter who helped launch one of today’s hottest bands, The Jonas Brothers. This is just the first step in Malese’s plan as she gets closer to her goal of becoming an all-around entertainer and performer for audiences around the world. She is excited to develop into a seasoned songwriter and is hands-on in her new project; and like her acting career, she is quickly learning the ropes of the music business. Her vocal style is an appealing blend of pop/rock/synth that represents tomorrow’s future, and she looks to Pat Benatar, Paramore, and Patsy Cline as her most impressionable female vocal influences. In her original song lyrics, Malese embraces life’s experiences about what is important to her personally, such as love, breakups, and friendships. Although she is chronologically young, she has been termed an “old soul”, and has a unique ability to capture the depth of adult experiences in her writing. This insight manifests and compliments her lower vocal range with a much more mature sound than those of other teen singers. With a loyal, world-wide fan base already developing through her acting career, Malese is confident she can transition into the entertainment world as both a serious recording artist, lyricist and professional actress.

Malese’s dedication to her career is what will lead her in inevitable success. What began as a child's dream is steadily developing into a serious passion and career. With her unparalleled acting talents, striking exotic beauty, and unique, earthy voice, Malese brings a fresh sound to her audience, no matter what age they might be. She is definitely a teen to watch in Hollywood.

Photographs in this article are credited to Nationalist Magazine.

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