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Carly Rose Sonenclar, Fifth Harmony & Emblem3: Signing to Sony Music?

According to reports the  X Factor USA top 4 could be signing to Sony Music. Second season finalists Fifth Harmony, Carly Rose Sonenclar, and Emblem3 are reported to be getting record deals from Sony Music.

Carly Rose Sonenclar, Fifth Harmony and Emblem3 will be signed to Syco Music, a record company co-owned by X Factor executive producer and judge
Simon Cowell and Sony Music. Then, Syco will partner up with either Epic Records or Columbia Records, both owned by Sony Music.

L.A. Reid, X Factor judge and chairman/CEO of Epic, is anxious to sign Emblem3 since Columbia already
has One Direction on their roster.
There will be a formal announcement made in early 2013 on this exciting news about possible record deals for Carly Rose Sonenclar, Fifth Harmony and Emblem3.

About Carly Rose Sonenclar:
Carly Rose Sonenclar started singing when she was only 2-years-old - and Simon Cowell factored in her life even back then! "My parents have videotapes of me pretending to be on American Idol and my brother, Russell, made believe he was Simon with the British accent and everything," she says. When Carly was five, she started taking singing lessons and she adds, "I also had a karaoke machine and I would play with it with all of my friends. I sang a lot of Kelly Clarkson songs like 'Behind These Hazel Eyes' and 'Gone.'"

Carly, who was one of Britney Spears' Teens, first started singing professionally at age seven in the Off-Broadway show, The Night of the Hunter. Later, she appeared in the Broadway production of Les Miserables and in 2009, played Carrie in the national tour of Little House on the Prairie: The Musical. Carly's credits also include the Broadway show Wonderland and the PBS TV series The Electric Company.

Recently, the young singer has been pursuing her solo music career, performing at Birdland Jazz Club in New York and writing her own songs. She says, "I want to bring the soul back to pop. My record would be a mix of those two genres because I think that is something that is not really out there right now. I could fill that gap and appeal to a wide range of ages. I think I have the X factor because I have a uniquely mature sound and style for my age."

Carly Rose Sonenclar whose just 13 years old from Westchester New York finished in second place on X Factor USA.

About Fifth Harmony:
Fifth Harmony was born from a collection of talented solo artists who clicked first as friends during THE X FACTOR Boot Camp, but quickly discovered an undeniable vocal chemistry together. Capitalizing on the strength and substance of that chemistry, the girls turned in their solo aspirations and joined together to create Fifth Harmony. Now on course to set fire to the pop nation, Dinah Jane, Lauren, Ally, Normani and Camila have created a show-stopping sound. Richly talented, the new girl group Fifth Harmony has been compared to female powerhouses Leona Lewis, Whitney Houston and Adele. “Each day we learn something new about our voices and how to blend more cohesively in harmony,” says Normani.

The girls have captured the hearts of America with their contagious charisma, breath-taking vocals and inspirational sisterhood. The girls are especially appreciative of the support from their loyal fans - The Harmonizers: “They encourage us every day on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to keep the energy going and remind us that anything can happen.”

Dinah Jane Hansen
With a dynamic range that often draws comparisons to divas Beyoncé and Alicia Keys, Dinah Jane is the youngest member of the group. Inspired by her Tongan and Polynesian heritage, she has been singing since the age of four and at 11 told her parents she wanted to pursue a singing career. When it comes to Fifth Harmony's undoubtedly bright future, she says, "I knew from the beginning we had something special. I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings."

Lauren Jauregui
Lauren brings a fierce and feisty flavor to Fifth Harmony. Influenced by international chart-toppers Alicia Keys and Christina Aguilera, her mature, smoky voice has earned her national recognition as a female powerhouse. Her debut came in the 5th grade when she sang the national anthem in front of her entire school. Since then, Lauren has gone on to unite her dreams of musical stardom with those of her Fifth Harmony sisters, and finds daily inspiration in her Harmonizer fans.

Ally Brooke
Ally Brooke packs a powerful vocal punch and her infectious energy and theatrical musicality propel the group¹s larger-than-life performances. Ally is the oldest member of Fifth Harmony, and is known as the "little big sister."

Normani Hamilton
Normani's bluesy vocal style and R&B rhythm have evolved from her roots as a gospel singer. Raised in the rich musical tradition of New Orleans, Normani has been performing since she was three, and was an award-winning dancer and gymnast before finding her true calling as a singer. Now, she can't imagine life apart from music or the other girls. "We truly love and support each other like sisters," she says.

Camila Cabello
Possessing a unique sound that gives the group a raw edge that helps lift their harmonies to new heights, Camila is considered the goofball of the group. In 7th grade, she discovered her passion for singing, often posting covers of her favorite songs to YouTube before joining forces with her vocal sisters in Fifth Harmony.

About Emblem3:
Emblem3 has been rocking all over SoCal, performing at such famous venues as the Hard Rock Cafe, the Whisky, the Roxy, and the House of Blues for the past year. Brothers Wesley, 18, and Keaton, 16, and their friend Drew, 20, grew up together in Sequim, WA, where they all turned to music at an early age.

Wesley recalls, "I would be running around in diapers with a toy sword humming the tunes of my dad's favorite film scores, until eventually I was writing and singing my own songs." Keaton remembers his older brother asking him to "play the bass guitar and sing in his band," formerly known as American Scholars, when he was just 8. And Drew says when he was young, "I always had friends over and almost every night of the week we would stay up late and jam acoustic guitar in the living room."

Now all living in Huntington Beach and was part of Simon Cowell's Groups, the members of Emblem3 take inspiration from many different musicians. Drew says, "I am influenced by any artist who is doing it because they don't know what else to do." While Wesley says he listens to every genre "so I've picked up flavors from all of them," his brother Keaton reveals "so many new artists have an influence on me," including Matt & Kim and Foster the People.

Summing up Emblem3, Keaton says, "We bring this style of raw and realness to our music, with Drew writing meaningful lyrics that express emotion and us all playing our instruments. We are going to create songs that involve thought and will make people feel real emotions." Drew says they have the "whole package, including appearance, talent, dedication, professionalism, interesting character, and musicianship." And to Wesley, the reason they have the X factor is simple: "My band is what music needs right now. I just believe it."

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