Sunday, December 5, 2010

Chad Ridge's Downtown Right Choice Challenge 12-05-2010

Chad Ridge's Downtown Right Choice Challenge Report
By David Mills

(Rockland, Maine) On a cold with a light snow filling the sky a short time Sunday morning Chad Ridge took on his next challenge. This challenge was a downtown historic tour that is normally done by trolley. Instead of the trolley Chad decided to walk the tour route with stops at such places like the formal Snows Shipyard, Limerock Inn, Berry Manor Inn along with other stops along the way. Chad had over 100 people that came out to show their support for the great job he is doing. He began the challenge by thanking those who came out to support him and to walk with him. The challenge was around 3.8 miles long, which, Chad did a great job finishing. Young and old came out Sunday morning for his challenge that showed a lot of community spirit for a fellow Rockland resident. Rockland appears not lacking in community spirit and a willingness to support a fellow person trying to make the right choices. After the challenge Chad thanked those that walked with him and spoke on making a bad thing into a good thing. It takes one step at a time to turn something not so great into something wonderful. At the end of the walk those that walked were asked to stand beside Schooner Bays SUV limo with the lobster trap tree in the background. A big thank you goes out to those that walked, Chris from Schooner Bay for being our pace car during this challenge and those trying to make the right choices.

  I had a great time this morning covering this challenge and support as he is trying to make the right choices. It was great to see so many people come out on a Sunday morning when they could of stayed in bed. Supporting people in need is a important thing to do as it gives you a sense of meaning along with a warm feeling in your heart that you did a great thing. Chad keep up the great work and thank you for being a inspiration to a lot of people.

 Please be sure to check out Chad Ridge's website at powered by WAV Media owned by Rick Winslow. There are videos from his challenges, photographs, news and to learn more about Chad.

 The following are photographs that I took during this Chad Ridge Right Choice Challenge on Sunday morning.

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